One of the most highly touted features of the new Google Chromecast is its price tag, coming in at just $35. The Apple TV retails for $99 (Amazon sells it for $96) but includes a more expansive feature set including full mirroring capabilities, a beautiful user interface, physical remote and an abundance of compatible streaming services. In a possible reaction to the low Chromecast price, Apple has dropped a refurbished Apple TV 12% down to just $75 with free shipping. Although, this could be a planned price drop as Apple typically re-evaluates their refurb prices as products go through their life cycle. No matter the reason for the drop, at $75 with a 1-year Apple warranty this is our pick for the best current Apple TV deal.

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5 Responses to “What Chromecast? Apple drops refurb Apple TV $10 to $75”

  1. Ezhik says:

    Well, Chromecast is still 40$ cheaper…


    • mactmaster says:

      I had been searching craigslist for a good deal on one. This is a nice discount and comes with 1 year warranty so I picked one up. I have a Roku 2 that will move into another room the Apple TV will take it’s place. :) Total with tax in California is $81.75


  2. technodrome8 says:

    I just specifically created a wordpress account so i could sign into this comment thread in an attempt to put a stop to this claim that the apple tv interface is beautiful. I love apple stuff. love it. they are arguably the very best in the industry at UIs, but the UI on the apple tv is probably the worst thing they’ve ever made. yes, it’s simple. but it is way way too simple and it really doesn’t look very good. not that apple would ever really listen to people’s input about their interface, but i just feel that if people keep spreading the idea that this interface is actually good, it’ll never change.


  3. Davor Devcic says:

    This article is weak. If you are a serious streamer, get both Apple TV and Chromecast as they serve different purposes (for now) – Chromecast has limited content but is ridiculously portable (take it to a hotel), and works on both iOS and Android platforms (your friends can show you things on YouTube no matter which phone they have), where as in Apple TV (or Roku quite frankly, which you can get for $50), have more content.