According to BGR, Apple will release the seventh and final beta version of iOS 7 to developers today. The release, like most of the past seeds, is said to arrive around 1 PM EST/10 AM PST.

This new build is said to include a “much higher” build number than previous releases, and this typically means that many under-the-hood changes could have occurred between previous betas and this new beta.

BGR, which previously reported that iOS 7 beta 6 would arrive this week, notes that the mix-up in information is unsurprisingly due to the iOS 7 beta 6 quick-fix for iTunes in the Cloud last week. It seems that the iOS 7 beta 7 that could come today was originally planned to be a sixth (and final) beta. A golden master seed is expected in September.

Update: iFun recently reported that its sources say there will be no more betas for iOS 7 until a GM is released at next month’s event. The site has been correct on beta releases in the past and tells us the info comes from a reliable source.

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32 Responses to “iOS 7 beta 7 (final beta) to be released today? (update: doesn’t look like it)”

  1. RP says:

    Has BGR ever been correct. I will be mighty surprised today if this turns out to be true.

  2. Alex King says:

    Hopefully this beta comes with MAJOR ui changes. But lol dont i say this with everyone?

  3. Exclusive: obvious things are obvious

  4. I still have some layout problems with the home screen on iPad daily. (Just rotate device to fix it.) It’s the only problem I have so maybe that’s what they’ve fixed this time.

  5. If we consider iOS Beta two week release period, it should be next monday, not today.

    • mikhailt says:

      iOS 7 beta 6 is a hotfix, it has no impact on the actual beta development. Beta 5 was released on August 6, making it two week tomorrow.

  6. Safari likes to crash on my 4S. Happened in beta 5 and it’s still occurring in beta 6.

    • mkimid says:

      Back up your iPhone and recovery your phone, it will help sometime. actually, I have installed couple of times, sometime makes so many crash in Safari, sometime, rarely. I feel this issues are made inside of OS core with some memory management codes. Maybe, in iOS 7, Apple has changed the virtualized core. Anyway, it is so randomized situation.

    • Are you browsing in private mode? Since beta 5 my safari would randomly crash as well but when I switched out of private browse it stopped. Obviously I hope that get fixed in the next update.

  7. mkimid says:

    At least, no more known issues in their log file. And I hope that they have fixed BAD_EXEC problem with Safari. And some unstable issues with OTA. In my diagnostic log list, i got more than 10 new failure logs, i hope more.

  8. ikir says:

    I’m curious to see if there aresStill no transparency on iPhone 4.

    • And you are curious about this for what reason? The iPhone is three year old tech and it’s amazing Apple is even offering the ability to upgrade it to iOS 7. Things don’t last forever, man.

      • ikir says:

        Don’t worry I’m not a whiner, I’m simply curious, I’ve tried the first beta on it and it was very slow and bad looking, compared to iPhone 4S there was a big difference, beside hardware difference which is huge I want to know if Apple optimised iOS 7 for iPhone 4 in any way, if is faster or better looking. Just to know, iOS7 on iPhone 4 is a big gift anyway.

      • My bet is it’s a no go. The decs probably wanted to test performance on a large subset of devices. When it didn’t pan out, they pulled it. Your intentions are at least righteous, man.

  9. Andre Moore says:

    I hope the fix the icons being screwed up on the iPad whenever i turn it on or wake it up. I have to turn the ipad vertical or horizontal to fix the icons back. Also mail freezes up a lot.

  10. @Andrew Shiamone; Andrew I do not have any issue with Saffari in 4S. Perhaps you better do a clean re-install again.

  11. Anyone else having a problem with messages in this newest beta? I have to leave the conversation to have new messages show up. I’m on a GSM iPhone 5.

  12. eim23x says:

    BGR are ass clowns its 10:26am PST and no beta

  13. PMZanetti says:

    I highly doubt the iFun report. iOS 6 beta 6 is not stable enough to last until GM on September 10th. Not a chance.

  14. Kevin Noah says:

    So, where is the Update!?

  15. This is insane. iOS 7 is nowhere NEAR ready for release. They are out of their minds to release this now.

  16. I think iOS 7 beta 7 will be releasing today .

  17. Not sure if I’m getting this correctly but is it saying that the 7th beta isn’t coming out today? Because if that’s what they’re saying then they’re wrong because I already have it on my phone.

  18. Joey Lozano says:

    Is iOS 7 beta 6 (11A4449d) developer’s edition different from what Apple is giving to the masses?