An earlier prediction by KGI’s Mingchi Kuo that the iPhone 5C would go on sale in China by the first week in October has been contradicted by a report in First Financial Daily claiming that the approvals process needed would push the launch date back by almost two months, to 28th November …

All reports seem to confirm that the Chinese version of the handset will support the local TDD-LTE version of 4G. Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty has forecast that a localised 5C would give the iPhone a 19 percent boost in sales, which would make it the best-selling smartphone in China.

The iPhone 5C is expected to go on sale in most markets around 20th September, following what is believed to be a joint launch with the 5S at a media event on 10th September.

It’s still unclear whether Apple will also launch a TDD-LTE version of the iPhone 5S.


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6 Responses to “Approvals process will delay iPhone 5C launch in China until end of November – rumor”

  1. I bet you this is false or it gets solved quickly.


  2. i wonder what the next iPhone C is going to be called…iPhone 5SC?


  3. imuhtaseb says:

    I cannot believe people are taking this iPhone 5C rumor that seriously!
    1st, Apple will never pull down the quality and the class of iPhone down! What I mean is: it is an expensive Phone for those who understands it and can afford it!
    2nd, the packaging is just dumb! This is not the way Apple package its devices.. There’s the new iPod nano it comes in colors but IT DOES NOT come like that!
    This 5C thing overall is dumb.


  4. I like the fact that Apple is making a entry level product that most people can afford. Until now the low income segment was dominated by Android and old iPhones. I am not too hot on the letter C being designated since many will dub it the ‘C’heap iPhone.


  5. darat2013 says:

    Perhaps the “C” in the 5C name refers to a Chinese only model? It would make some sense for Apple to have a reduced price iPhone to help break into the Chinese market and not compete with itself in its traditional markets.