Rumor has it Apple is about to introduce an iPhone 5S alongside a new lower-cost iPhone 5C at an event early next month. On top of a fingerprint sensor and iOS 7, it’s also expected to introduce new color options for the device for the first time. We’ve already reported that Apple has plans to introduce a new gold color option for its next generation iPhone and, if leaks are to be believed, the lineup will also include a selection of iPod-like colors for the lower-cost iPhone 5C. A report this morning claimed that Apple could even introduce a fourth grey or ‘graphite’ color iPhone 5S pictured above, but we’re skeptical to say the least.

Will Apple’s new iPhone colors be a hit with consumers? Or will you be sticking with the classic white or black iPhone when it comes time to upgrade? Let us know in the polls below:

iPhone 5S:

iPhone 5C:

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10 Responses to “Poll: Which iPhone 5S/5C color would you choose?”

  1. zarkizon says:

    I’ve been a big fan of the white/silver iPhone since I saw the pictures. I only like the white iPhone 5C color, I wish Apple would use their “nanochromatic” colors again, not a fan of the pastel ones.

    I wish there was an all aluminum iPhone though (like past rumors from long ago).


    • latinoboyboy says:

      These are not exactly pastels, these are bright colors. I think that pastel colors would actually look better. Maybe use more current colors like black, white, nude, mint green, peach, lavender, sky blue, light yellow, etc.


  2. mkimid says:

    none, maybe next


  3. The 5C colors are sickeningly sweet like Easter candy.

    White (if I was forced to choose one).


  4. pecospeet says:

    I figure on black, hoping that most people will go for one of the “hot” new colours and I will now be in the minority.


  5. rettun1 says:

    I’ve always wanted my slate/black iPhone to have its unibody be a lighter color, but have the inlays and the buttons remain black. Graphite looks close enough, it reminds me of the OG iPhone. I wan


  6. mpias3785 says:

    It’s too bad the 5C colors are so… bland. The red makes me wonder if it really is red or just a shade of pink. The blue, a baby blue? I recall having a Product (RED) Nano that was one most rich shades of red I’d ever seen. The 5C colors are almost pastels. Yuk. I really hoped the color choices would be far less anemic.