UpdateAs was pointed out by 9to5Mac readers in the comments below, the update was zapping account data. Google says that it is aware of the issue and has removed the app from the App Store.

The Google Authenticator app for iPhone was updated this evening with an entirely new design. Version 2.0 introduces a host of visual changes, including the long-awaited addition of Retina graphics (which have been missing from the app since the iPhone 4 launched) and support for the iPhone 5. Even after the long wait for what seems like a relatively minor update, the app still does not natively support the iPad.

The app’s new look is based on the “cards” motif seen in other Google app releases recently. Most of the functionality seems unchanged.

Google Authenticator is Google’s two-factor authentication app, which is used similarly to the Find My iPhone app (or an SMS message) in Apple’s 2-step verification process.

The update is available for free now on the iOS App Store.

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11 Responses to “Google Authenticator for iPhone redesigned, supports iPhone 5 & Retina”

  1. Seems like it would wipe all your entries during update


  2. Kyle says:

    Be careful of when you upgrade. It wiped out all of my existing tokens!!!! I had to go back in via the backdoor codes and enter every one again!!! Ugh!


  3. All my previously added accounts are now gone. Anyone with the same issue? :(


  4. DONT UPDATE TO THIS VERSION.. Updating clears all your existing 2-factor auth tokens!


  5. I just upgraded and lost ALL my authenticator tokens. Be sure you have the backup keys for all of your accounts available when upgrading!


  6. Blueloony says:

    Love the update. It’s soooo secure that even I cannot login to all my accounts…


  7. Mark says:

    This is a very bad update. Don’t do it

    As the others have said, it wipes out all your codes that you have already set up thus locking you out of all your accounts


  8. John Smyth says:

    Google! You a-holes! Updating the Authenticator app wiped all the accounts! I hope they plan on resolving this ASAP.


  9. Ben Lovejoy says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, everyone. Google has now acknowledged the problem and withdrawn the update from the App Store. Not that this helps anyone already affected …


  10. Hey Google: It’s usually a good idea to test your program before releasing it. That’s Software Engineering 101.


  11. Sigh… spent 20 minutes this morning re-adding all 9 of my accounts to both my iPhone AND my Galaxy S4… Two-factor auth Pro Tip: screenshot the QR Code and back it up somewhere safe (like your LastPass).