Apple sent an email to members of its developer program today prompting them to add push notification capabilities to their websites. Push notification support is one of the many new features in Safari on OS X Mavericks, and allows web publishers to send native push notifications through Apple’s notification service even when Safari isn’t running.

Back in June, we posted an exclusive report and video with the first public website that takes advantage of the new push notification feature.

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9 Responses to “Apple emailing developers to get ready for Safari notifications in Mavericks”

  1. I’d like to add this feature to my site. But I can’t understand why it just available for developers who participate in the OSX or iOS dev. program…


  2. Isn’t this a annoying feature for the users? People will use it for displaying advertisements now. More advertisements you display – the more money you can make, the advertising can make. For students and kids, the attention could deviate from what they do using a Mac?

    This functionality will be useful for Social Media Websites. Hopefully there are some settings to select the allowed websites and there are more controls to it.


  3. Will you be adding this to your site? Would love it!


  4. Have you heard anything about the availability of the feature in Safari on iOS(7)? That could finally make web-apps useful :)


  5. Although this will might excite web developers, I for one do not look forward to this. There are already enough “notification” distractions to go around. I know it will be opt-in (or at least it should be) per website but I’m sure some crafty individual will figure out a way around it.

    NEWSFLASH: Wife kicks husband out after using his MacBook and seeing his web notifications of new porn videos upload on his favorite website. Oh… and Bank of America notified him of the mortgage payment as well.


  6. rymc02 says:

    Begin Spamming in 3…2…1…