A small surprise yesterday during Apple’s introduction of the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s was the launch of new cases for the devices. The iPhone 5s gets a new leather case in six colors, and the 5c gets colourful silicone cases with small circular cutouts meant to show off the iPhone’s color underneath. The silicone 5c cases don’t seem to be getting the best response following yesterday’s unveiling, but the good news is there are already several reputable case manufacturers with cases available for both the iPhone 5c and 5s.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 2.39.53 PMThe biggest complaint (apart from comparisons to crocs) seems to be lack of attention to detail, highlighted best in the image of the “iPhone” text to the right.  If Apple’s new cases won’t cut it, below we’ve put together a roundup of the best cases from around the web that are already available to order and coming soon for the launch of the device later this month. 

iPhone 5c cases:

The majority of the iPhone 5c cases below are already available to purchase or preorder online. Some, like the Otterbox Commuter & cases from Moshi are arriving shortly after the device launches later this month. It appears the trend for iPhone 5c cases will be to allow as much of the device’s colorful exterior to shine through, and I think a lot of the cases below do do a much better job than Apple’s own $30 case.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 2.00.49 PM

Spigen Matte Hard Case ($10), Spigen Crystal Clear Hard Case ($11), Obliq Skyline Pro hard case ($15), Spigen Protective Bumper w/ clear back panel ($13), Invellop leatherette case ($1.99)

iLuv-iPhone 5c-cases

La Pedrera ($19.99), Vyneer ($19.99), Diary ($29.99), and Aurora Illusion ($19.99) cases for iPhone 5c from iLuv. All come in a variety of colors.


Belkin’s new lineup of iPhone 5c cases: Micra Folio ($39.99), Grip Candy ($29.99),  Slim Fit Armband ($29.99), View Case ($24.99), Sport Fit Plus Armband ($29.99), Wallet Folio ($39.99)


Cristal Hard Shell ($7.00), Skinny Matte Slim SF Premium Hard Case ($6.00), and the Clearview Slim Clear w/ Bumper ($8.00), all available now from Luvvitt for $20 or around $7 on Amazon.   


Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5c ($60), and the Otterbox Commuter for iPhone 5c (coming soon), both available in a large selection of color combinations. 

Tylt Ruggd ($34.99) & Tylt Band ($34.99) iPhone 5c cases (coming September 20)


iGlaze Remix iPhone 5c cases ($30) from Moshi coming in October.

iPhone 5s cases:

Since the iPhone 5s has the same dimensions and physical design of the iPhone 5, the majority of manufacturers are now selling cases designed for the iPhone 5 for both devices. There is one thing to keep in mind, however. The new fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s home button, which allows users to use their fingerprint to unlock the iPhone and authenticate iTunes purchases, will require case makers do not cover the Home button. It’s likely you’ll have trouble using the feature if the home button is obstructed by the case. This is more of an issue for protective or waterproof cases that aim to cover the entire face of the device, and some companies will have to modifying existing designs. Otterbox is one of the first, announcing today that it has tweaked its Defender series case for the iPhone 5s to accommodate an unobstructed fingerprint sensor:


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13 Responses to “The best iPhone 5c (and iPhone 5s) cases already available online”

  1. Seriously… Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave after knowing that his “iPhone” turned to be “hon” when someone uses the new silicon case for iPhone 5c from Apple!! What a shame!!! Such detail would never go unnoticed by Jobs… Miss you Jobs!!!


  2. Nice cases I suppose, but I am unsure why anyone would want a case for the 5C. Its already made out of very hard to scratch poly carbonate and its colored. You don’t really need to cover that up. I mean, one reason I’d get the 5C is the COLORS.


    • Larry Bic says:

      Like Drew wrote, why in the world would someone get a 5C in their favorite color and then cover it with case in their favorite color? Polycarbonate in the most impact resistant plastic out there—they make aircraft windshields and motorcycle visors out of it. The front of the iPhone is next-gen Gorilla Glass. You’re gonna have to really try to damage the 5C. Why pay more $$ on top of the cost of buying the phone? A case for it is totally absurd!


      • konkrypton says:

        I had a 3GS, and that polycarbonate will scratch and scuff. It will also crack if dropped on a parking lot surface on its corner. So a case is smart.


  3. You can also get pretty cool looking iPhone cases incl. 5c and 5s here: http://society6.com/wanderkindstudio/cases


  4. I actually think that the Apple cases for the iPhone 5c are rather cool. Those other cases however are simply fugly!!!


  5. 2 question. Has anyone seen the floral case for the 5c that the very sweet sales rep offered me today when I pre ordered mine? Also, the” pink” one looks Coral or Salmon online while some sights are calling it red????


  6. KOUROS is my favourite brand mainly because they mix great designs with an unique finishing quality. Check it out at kouros cases


  7. Slim you case! I personally don’t like bulky cases because i don’t enjoy my iPhone.Thinner the better, just buy a thin case from ebay for less than 5$ or get a 0.3mm polycarbonate case from http://www.coolcasing.com


  8. Just found a great iphone 5 case on Amazon at a good price and has great reviews: http://amzn.to/1fpfUKa – Got free shipping too.