While everyone was expecting Apple to introduce its new colourful iPhone 5c as a “lower-cost” option, Nokia today announced a truly low-cost device with its new $29 Nokia 108.

Compare that with the $29 Apple is charging for just the case-the one no one seems to like— for its low-cost offering. iLounge got theirs a little early and described it:

The silicone rubber case is lined with microfiber on the inside, and includes Sleep/Wake and volume button protection. It’s quite light, with the empty space left by a 5 x 7 grid of 5/16″ holes helping to keep the weight down, while also oddly exposing only portions of the iPhone 5c’s rear labeling.

Nokia’s camera phone does calls, text, video capture, and also includes an up to 32GB of memory, an MP3 player, FM radio, Snake the game, and battery life up to 31 days on standby. It also has colourful red, white, black, yellow and cyan back plates that can be removed and swapped for other colors.

As Benedict Evan’s wrote a few days ago, the disparity in what Apple and Nokia can get for their wares is quite striking.


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10 Responses to “Nokia’s new camera-phones cost the same $29 as Apple’s iPhone 5c ‘Crocs’ CASE”

  1. snake the game? count me in. when does it go up for preorder?


  2. Paul Threatt says:

    I would get this, if it were available in the UNITED STATES!


  3. $29 for this? Jeez, it’s no wonder Nokia where about to tank. M$ need their heads screwing back on if they think selling this kind of C®@P is a good idea below cost!


    • Paul Threatt says:

      People like myself would love a decent but pretty basic camera phone that doesn’t cost $150 with activation. I’m connected 99% of the day as a web developer and iPad owner. I don’t want to spend upwards of $70/month for a connected smartphone. I just want a good camera phone. NOKIA is actually filling a niche demand with this product. Too bad it’s just overseas.


      • i don’t quite understand that… why would you need a camera phone without smartphone-capabilities? wouldn’t a stand alone camera be the better option then? your ipad won’t accept pictures from that nokia via bluetooth, there is no wifi and no 3g on the phone to upload the pictures… granted: vga pix will likely be uploaded quite quickly via edge, too…


      • Paul Threatt says:

        As they say, “the best camera is the one you have with you”, and I don’t always lug around my Nikon SLR. There’s a big gulf between smartphone cameras and flip phone cameras in quality and optics. If I could have all the capabilities of an iPhone 5 (including wifi) included with my mobile phone, I’d be in heaven. Carriers want to charge big $$$ for mobile data and to recoup subsidies. If mobile data costs $50/months, they can keep it. There’s a reason Verizon and AT&T won’t sell you a smartphone without a data plan. That’s really what I want.


  4. Parag Lohiya says:

    This is not a smart phone. So there is no compression.


  5. Can’t see there is much business sense in Nokia doing this unless they can sell 10s of millions.

    That said I know plenty of people who don’t want smartphones, and plenty of people with smartphones who just use them as phones.