French site NWE has a photo of what it believes to be a Space Gray casing for the iPad Mini expected to be announced next month – on 15th October, according to another French site.

NWE has a decent track-record in leaked parts, and it seems likely that Apple would adopt the same colors for the new iPads as for the iPhone 5s. If you were wondering what the iPad Mini might look like in Apple’s new champagne color, Martin Hajek has created some renders. I’m not taken with the look myself – let us know your thoughts in the comments.


More photos below … 



Martin Hajek’s renders show a champagne option and Touch ID fingerprint sensors on both iPad 5 and new iPad Mini.

The iPad 5 is expected to copy the thin bezel design of the iPad Mini.

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8 Responses to “Space Gray coming to an iPad Mini 2 near you? (Champagne too?)”

  1. Jasper Yeung says:

    the touch id in both the ipad mini and the normal size ipad will be my main reason to buy the up coming iPad :)


  2. I guess that *confirms* fingerprint reader on ipad mini as well :-)


  3. I wonder I the laptops are also going to be gold coated? :)


  4. Personally I suspect that I *would* like the champagne option. It’s a big change from what we’re used to in an iPad, but I can see myself liking it. The worst thing about the gold iPhone 5s is that if you put it in Apple’s new case, you won’t see the gold colour at all… but with the iPad it’ll be very different, and pretty eye-catching (though hopefully not gaudy, as it’s such a pale golden shade). And putting a smart cover on it won’t hide the gold. I’d love to see it in real life to make a proper judgement, but it’d certainly be interesting. I hope Apple does in fact offer this option. The renders are really impressive, but meaningless unless the product actually appears!


  5. Paul Threatt says:

    The speaker holes in the gold mini look fake when scrutinized. They don’t appear to have any depth on the device, and the JPG compression artifacts around the holes seem excessive, like the holes were added via cut and paste.


  6. Then ipadmin 2 and ipad 5 will cost more than iphone.