Update: Bad news. Apple has stopped signing the 6.1.3/4  so you won’t easily be able to downgrade.

Apple launched iOS 7 yesterday, and while adoption rates are soaring, some users are less-than-thrilled with the new look and feel of their phones. Typically Apple doesn’t allow iOS to be downgraded to previous versions, but at the time of this writing disgruntled users are still able to go back to the leather and green felt they know and love.

Just how do you accomplish this? Keep reading for a full walkthrough.

There are a few important things to cover before we start this process. If you’re interested in jailbreaking, you should note that there is not a jailbreak available for iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 at this time.  If you’ve upgraded to iOS 7, you can’t jailbreak right now at all, even after downgrading.

That won’t be the only thing you lose by downgrading, though. Some apps on the App Store have now been updated to require iOS 7 in order to run. You’ll still be able to install older versions of those apps, but you won’t be able to update them beyond that point, which means no more bug fixes or new features.

Finally, you can’t use an iOS 7 backup on your iOS 6 device. If you don’t have an old backup from iOS 6, you’ll have to start from scratch by setting up your phone as a new device and your old data will be lost (except the stuff stored in iCloud).

If that seems like an acceptable trade-off to you, follow the steps below to get back to iOS 6.

The first and most important step in downgrading is determing whether you still can. Apple requires the iTunes servers to approve of any iOS devices being restored. In order to appease the server and get permission to restore, you have to be restoring to an approved version of iOS. Typically Apple stops approving old versions of iOS almost immediately after an update is released, but at the time of this writing, iOS 6.1.3 (and 6.1.4 on the iPhone 5) are still being approved.

Of course, if Apple stops approving these versions, you won’t be able to downgrade. The easist way to check is to visit this page. Click your device at the top of the page and see which versions of iOS have a green checkmark next to them in the “Apple Signing Status” column in the table that appears. If there’s a green checkmark, you are able to restore and run that version. If there’s a red X, Apple has stopped approving that version and you can’t downgrade to it. If that’s the case, stop here and don’t continue.

The next step is to get the IPSW for that version. The IPSW is basically a bundle containing the operating system that will be installed on your phone or iPad. You can easily get the IPSW for any version of iOS by clicking on the link in the “Download” column on the same page listed above. This will download the file directly from Apple’s server—no shady third-party files or servers are used here.

Once you’ve got the file, open up iTunes, plug in your device, and hold down the Option key (or the Shift key on Windows) and click the restore button. Navigate to the file you just downloaded and select it. iTunes will then “phone home” and ask Apple’s servers if the restore is approved. If it is, your phone will be downgraded back to iOS 6. From here, just restore your backup in iTunes, re-sync your media and apps, and enjoy your newly-downgraded device.

Once you’ve downgraded, be careful around the over-the-air updater in the Settings app and the “update” and “restore” buttons in iTunes. Since Apple probably won’t continue approving these downgrades for long, accidentally updating back to iOS 7 again could cause you to get stuck there without a way to go back.

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194 Responses to “Buyer’s remorse? Here’s how to go back to iOS 6 while you still can (Update: Loophole closed)”

  1. Scott Paré says:

    iOS7 is tacky. I cant believe apple put something this ugly out. Its white and bright my phone gives me a headache now.

    • R KOR says:

      Yes, Apple really will loose a lot of users!
      Its not only IOS7 release with bugs, restrictions and the unlucky new design…….Nobody of the Apple users needs this!
      AirPlay button handling and stability of connection is a mess!
      Technology leadership is no more Apple busniness.

      Its also IPhone design an Release stratetgy – Apple’s competitors are smileing….
      Are they sleepping at Management Level – think they earn to much Money!!!
      Pure Stephe – Apple will go down if they will not change dramatically management and strategy….

    • Becky Jecky says:

      This is intended for anyone experiencing problems with their iPhones or iPads because of the update.
      They have basically kept telling us that many of the problems like wifi and bluetooth not working is a result of hardware failure. Mind you, everyone’s unit’s were fine before the 7.0 update. I have an online petition on change.org and a youtube video detailing this information. If you would join me and try to get Apple to address the many issues due to iOS7, perhaps we can make a difference. It’s ludicrous to be forced to pay more money for new units when the problem wasn’t ours to begin with. Please share the petition and video.

      To sign the petition, go to: chn.ge/GILJ4R

      To view the youtube video, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iC4NgAtB_o


  2. I hate iOS 7! HATE IT! If I wanted a windows tablet, I would have bought one. The icons are childish and weakly colored. The background moves constantly like it has the java-jitters. No person capable of reasonable thought would enjoy a betrayal of this magnitude! Bring back iOS 6!

  3. Joe Belunke says:

    ios7 icons are pathetic when compared to ios6(calender/camera icons for example). cant understand why in the world apple had to do this. If Steve Jobs were alive he would have hanged himself.

  4. IOS7 is ugly and dreadful, impossible to use for someone – in this case me – that dont have full sight on his eyes. I was forced to buy a new phone otherwise I had to stop using a mobile. Just wonder what an idiot decided to use darkgrey text on a lightgrey background – not enough contrast to read the text if your eyes are less than 100 percent fresh. The fonts are also smaller and impossible to read. I dont want to think or talk about the ugly icons cause they make me sick.

    • It’s easy enough to make the text more bold and larger through the settings app in iOS7. There is no need to strain your eyes.

      • Kristy, I’m thinking, like myself, it’s not the lettering that is the vision issue with younger and older who are vision impaired. The light gray on white keyboard… The white dial up screen with light gray circles… On my iPad 2 I’ve always had a white wallpaper. I group similar apps / books/ educational into folders. So I had 3 pages of black folders on my desktop. The folders ( for the things that actually came back via my backup) are now white.
        So, no, nothing to do with lettering or making lettering bolder.
        When Apples tech support person shares with me that no one at her location updated their phones to IOS 7 ” because they were aware in advance”… Then that tells me we have a problem.

  5. HI, I have got a quick question – when trying to restore and press shift to choose the IPSW file – Itunes do not recognise the ziped file it comes in. WHat shall I do in such case?

  6. iOS7 what a joke! worse than hate. How could they do this to us? They should’ve given us some idea of what they were doing! I bragged about how much I loved my iPhone, it was fun to use and so much part of my life. I have two friends and one of my sons has told me they are not happy too I called AppleCare to find out we cannot go back, what a disappointment! I really don’t like this update so much, the wiggly screen, the ridiculous icons and the apps are all changed, etc. I will never get used to it! I never thought it but now am sure I’ll break away from iPhones when it’s time… Gurrrr!!!!

  7. Eduardo Leon says:

    Point blank iOS 7 SUCKS $&!% !
    Does anyone want to buy a iPhone 4S Cheap!

    • Not investigating this update in advance, I stupidly did my iPhone 4S & iPad 2 at the same time! I should have realized this was not your typical software update when I kept receiving messages that there wasn’t enough storage space on my phone… Started deleting apps.. Eventually some photos.
      iPhone took about an hour… IPad 2 took 1.5 hours. Then…. I went into total shock that I had completely different devices. If I wanted devices with a “drastically different look”I would have gone shopping and purchased a product other than Apple.
      Phone… I could hit ” Facebook” and my contacts would open… Didn’t matter what icon I hit, it now had a mind of its own.
      iPad 2… No longer usable. Soooo slow loading pages. Most of the time when trying to load a page it will ” time out” stating ” unable to open”.
      Called tech support. Nothing they could do after running diagnostics on both devices.
      My tech support person did share that he… And most others in his dept , DID NOT upgrade… And won’t be.
      He did offer to replace my devices free with new models that can accommodate this software. IOS 7 is simply more software than an Ipad2 can accommodate.
      Yesterday morning , battery was dead, again. I plugged it in to charge at 8 am and never unplugged it ( it’s no longer portable) . At 10 PM it was now at 46 % battery power !!. When I put it down last night, power cord came out a little… So this morning it was dead again. I plugged it in at 8:30 am today… It’s now 10:39 and I’m at 5 %.
      I replaced my phone , even thou apple is sending me a 5 for free, with a used 4S on eBay that had not been upgraded. I will be doing the same with my iPad today.
      That seems to be the only option available. There are also stores that sell refurbished and it’s soon enough so that the refurbished ones in their stock are still IOS 6.1.3
      Very costly error.

    • Nope, not since Ios7, sorry. Getting rid of mine too. Windows98 wanted their phone back.

  8. iOS7?! What happened to Apple leading? Galaxy-like? And I agree with Jan. Light grey keyboard, lighter color keys… Why? People over 50 use the iPhone, and now we either tote around our reading glasses or wait until we get home to send a reply to a text message! What a disappointment… and believe me, the “flashlight” and the “level” don’t make up for the color schemes.

    Navigating the calendar is ridicoulous as is entering new contacts… Contrast, contrast, contrast, Apple! While 20-something year olds may not have a problem seeing the screen now, give them a few years of reading annoyingly bright screens and poorly thought out color schemes. Well, maybe in a few years Samsung will have have solved the problems Apple has decided to cause.

    • My 25 yr old is having massive problems with the light gray on white. Many young people have poor vision. Her friends dislike their ” different new phones” as much as I do.
      I do have to say… Out of my friends ( though I IMMEDIATLY put out a ” May Day Warning ” on FB.. So most of my friends did not upgrade) and my daughter friends I was the only person that put the devices side by side and upgraded both at the same time!!! How dumb was that??

  9. Tyler Dyck says:

    Thanks for the information… I guess I’m too late to revert from the absolute CRAP that Apple has decided to force upon us with their iOS 7.

    … currently trying to find the LEAST offensive of the options available to me. Too bad the zoom, interface and sounds are all new and can’t be undone.

    Bloody hell, Apple, IF IT ISN’T BROKEN … DON’T TRY TO FIX IT!

    • The least offensive cost me money but… My iPhone 4S was a new upgrade still under warranty… Not one tiny scratch.
      My only option I could think of was to go on eBay and search for an iPhone that had not been upgraded. Found one. The seller stated “always had screen protector and was always in a case…. No scratches.. I won the auction. Cost $375.00. They shipped immediately and I received it in 2 days. But, screen is covered in scratches and also several scratches on casing. Disappointed about that but was thrilled beyond words when I put in my SIM card and set up as a new device and had an iPhone again.
      Am trying to do the same to replace my iPad 2 which is not usable any longer. Cost of an iPad2, used, that’s still running on IOS6.1.3 on EBay …. $1000.00-$1200.00!!!!!!!

  10. ios 7 sucks, thats one d reasons many of apple users switch to androids

  11. Doug Ross says:

    Thanks, but I just got this device as a gift . I do not know how to do the retrieval in the 1st place.

  12. The day after I upgraded iphone 4 and IPad 2 and realized I had made a huge mistake and iPad is no longer usable… I began a frantic online search to see what my options were.
    The firmware for my IPad2 IOS 6.1.3 was still available for download. I did download it and saved to my PC desktop. I had to leave… Never downloaded firmware for iPhone. I did know that there was a ” small window of opportunity.”
    Was gone for the weekend. Apple closed the window prior to my return home.
    Question… Am I still able to downgrade with that firmware that I downloaded and saved to my desktop. The instructions I had were that I do that then open itunes on my PC.. Plug in device and do it from there?
    I haven’t tried it yet and was wondering if that was still an option since I do have it saved on my desktop.
    Any advice / answers about this would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Choosing 7 over 6 is akin to choosing DOS over Apple OS. Apple has lost its humanity and placed its ever-fragile future in the hands of engineeering automatons.

    These devices were supposed to facilitate communication, not simultaneously give you a headache and nausea.

    Consumer bottom line: We should have at least the CHOICE to revert to iOS 6x.

  14. Lara Zinn says:

    Another customer not happy. Yes, the light grey/ white background/ font is dreadful. I used notes and calendar a lot of my work and now with this hideous layout it hurts my eyes. Also, the iOS 7 has slowed my Ipad, consumes more battery, lots of apps not working well.

    Wish could have the iOS 6 back. I was sooo happy with it… not I feel like never using the Ipad again.

  15. I’m just thrilled beyond words that Apple has replaced my 2 devices with new ones that are running on IOS 6.1.3!!! And no hassles. My devices I swapped off , that I stupidly upgraded , are sitting in a pile of trash in the dumpster behind the Apple Store… Hopefully.
    Apple, you are still the best in customer service!!!

  16. Camera is totally screwed up. Doesn’t focus right now at all. Well done Apple, you’ve probably just driven me back to Samsung with this piece of crap software!

  17. Bored197272 says:

    I’m going back to a blackberry.

    • You do know, don’t you, that Blackberry is being sold & going out of business? The new owner will probably break up and sell the various patents and services. Blackberry will no longer be a viable company. Most cell phone carriers are clearing out their Blackberry stock, and won’t be offering them anymore.

  18. I have to agree with everything on this site thought it was just me having problems with iPad being much slower jumping all over the place I use the calendar for my business booking customers now hate using it colour so wishy washy also I really miss the week calendar that ran along the bottom of screen so easy to use now I have to scroll across every week to say book an appointment for 5 weeks time utter crap . Wish I hadn’t upgraded and now looking for a more friendly user devise any suggestions????

    • Call Apple just like I did. I know have a new iPhone 4S and IPad 2 running on IOS 6.1.3c
      Do not believe for a minute that you are stuck with this.

      • Thanks for your reply will give it a go do I just contact customer support ????

      • Debbie… Call the Apple tech support line. I’m not sure what device you have. I had iPhone 4S and iPad 2.
        No matter what your device/devices are doing this is what you’re going to tell them:
        For iPhone… Whatever icon you hit , the device is opening whatever it chooses. You hit contacts, FB opens, stays briefly then back to home screen . Contacts never opened. It might on the second or third try. You hit Candy Crush … Your online bank icon opens briefly, then closes and back to home screen. The device is doing what it wants. Tell them you lost over 1000 photos… 8 came back after upgrade and your beyond upset. The battery drains so fast it impossible to go out for the evening and make it home without the battery going dead.
        iPad … NO. Battery power. Was dead the morning after upgrade. You plugged it in at 8am. By 10 pm that night you had 48%…!! You put the iPad down when you were going to sleep. The power cord dislodged. When you woke in the morning it was dead again. Plugged in at 8:30 am. At 11am it had 11% battery charged. At 3 pm it was up to 17%!!
        That’s when I called them.
        Also tell them that cloud is not interacting with the other device ( if you have 2)
        Tell them your camera roll and all photos are missing on iPad .
        Also tell them that you are not in the Bussiness of researching software and believed when you saw there was a new upgrade you expected it to be another “benign ” upgrade just like all the others.
        Bottom line… The device/ devices are not what you purchased. When you bought it you went, checked out, played with many devices in the store. You purchased the iPhone / iPad on the visual look and design. Let them know that all smartphones and tablets basically do the same thing. The deciding factor if generally that its visually pleasing. The device you have today does not resemble what you gave your hard earned money for.

        That all said… They did do diagnostics on my phone… Couldn’t find anything wrong so there was no choice except for them to replace it. They didn’t bother doing diagnostics on the iPad… They just decided they would replace that also. I knew that all devices going out are still on IOS 6.1.3 ( common sense) I told her I did not want those new devices taken out of the box and upgraded. I wanted them to remain on IOS 6.1.3. She agreed and said they would arrive in 5-7 days.
        I decided to take it a step further and I suggest you do the same. I told her I didn’t live far from the apple store at a mall near me… Could I just go and pick them up there. She asked the name and location of the mall. Looked up the number and we did a 3-way call. She told them I would be in and to do a swap out. She instructed them to NOT upgrade prior to giving them to me. She also sent the store an email with instructions.
        A little sticky at the store. The sales person said ” your devices are no longer under warranty. I got very assertive… Did not address that but simply stated there had been nothing wrong with either device… Apple developed software that had rendered them trash. I then gave him The name and direct line of the person at Apple that I dealt with and said.. ” I’m not engaging in this conversation with you. Read the email notes you have and here’s her number at Apple if you have questions. He left… Came back with my 2 new devises. I activated them myself in the store to insure the were running on IOS 6.

        The new devices thou are constantly popping up alerts in different areas to upgrade. You have be careful. It’s not like before where its in settings and that’s it. The “app” icon might have a number 4 over it. That usually means you have 4 apps that need updates. You go to updates and there’s only 3 apps that need updating… The 4th is the IOS7 upgrade in the apps setting!!!! Be very careful not to hit ” update all.”
        Also when my phone is in “sleep mode” I hit the home screen button today and there was an alert box across the home screen telling me my software needed upgrading.
        I’ve had Apple products for years. I’ve never seen the aggressiveness about upgrading software before.

        Good luck. You CAN do this. I wish I could send you the name and direct line of the woman I dealt with there but there’s no way to email it to you privately on this site.

    • Also.. I maintained 2 calendars.. One for personal Appts.. The other for social events. I lost all Appts and events… Nothing . Blank calendars.please tell them that also.

  19. Apple, please provide a solution for users to revert back to ios6. iPad is not user friendly anymore with ios7!!!!!

    • Call them… I did.. Told them iPad was no longer portable. Needed to remain plugged in 24/7. iPhone opened FB contacts icon was hit. Opened Candy Crush when Citizens Bank icon hit… And above all else , I purchased a smart phone on the visual aspect ( all smart phones pretty much do the same… We purchase on what’s pleasing visually.
      My iPhone that I work hard to have the money to buy… No longer resembled what I had purchased. If Steve Jobs replacement needed to redesign his own version of Apple software , he needed to give consumers an option. I, along with most of my friends/ acquaintances had no idea this was not the typical benign software upgrade.
      If I had wanted a “different look” I would have purchased a different smartphone and tablet.
      Apple Tech support agreed, stating none in their location had upgraded!
      They said they would send me 2 new devices running on IOS 6.1.3 … They would arrive in 5-7 days.
      I told them I would like them to call my local Apple Store and tell them I would be there in 20 min to pick up the devices. She did a 3 way call. They were told NOT to upgrade the software before handing them to me.
      I activated them in the store to insure they were not upgraded.
      All stock in every store has IOS 6.1.3 installed. I knew this ( common sense told me) when I called Apple.
      Sales people in Apple Stores are told to remove from box and upgrade the software before giving it to you. You need to request they do not do that… And they won’t.
      BTW… We’re not just talking about Apple Stores. Best Buy, Walmart… Etc, are still using up all there stock supply of IOS 6.1.3 devices.
      Why people think they are stock with devices running on IOS 7 is beyond me. All I had to do was read the words ” you can’t go back” and I thought “watch me.
      Call Apple… They have the BEST customer service of any company. They’ve proven me right again . The call was last Monday at 3 pm… I handed in my upgraded trash , got new ones and was back in my home at 4:30 pm.
      Do it. Your iPhone is no longer the product you purchased and there’s enough back stock of IOS 6 devices out there to last awhile.

  20. John Butler says:

    My wifi is all fouled up. Greatly diminished in ability to receive on the go… Riddle me this: when is an upgrade a downgrade: OS 7.02

  21. This is Apples way of making us buy a new phone. Glad i found this out before the phone for my wife in a couple weeks. Won’t be an IPhone

    • No… You have apple send you new devices running on IOS 6! It’s going to take a long time to delete the supply that’s still in every store that sells Apple products… Including the apple store. Advocate for yourself.

  22. iOS7 is slow, battery drainer, exagerated bright and colorful! It’s HORRIBLE, and we are not allowed to get the iOS6 back??? Why, Apple? Why???

    • Are people just not reading my posts. 5 days ago apple easily agreed to send me 2 new devices that were on IOS 6. I picked them up at my local Apple Store rather than wait. Apple called the store and instructed the sales staff NOT to take them out of the boxes and upgrade prior to giving them to me. I would be taking them with IOS 6 only.
      It went very smoothly.

      • I suspect these people’s warranties have expired. I think mine is still active, i will try what you suggest. At the least I am telling them if I am stuck with this designer’s-nightmare buggy OS, I will no longer be buying anything from Apple.

  23. Ok… Everyone pay attention. No one seems to be reading what I’ve put out there.
    I upgraded iPhone 4S and an IPad 2. I had no idea what this upgrade was and believed it was just another benign software upgrade. I got the shock of my life. Unfortunately I did them at the same time.
    Aside from the massive problems… Like 0 battery life in my iPad ( was no longer “mobile ” and had to remain in a plug 24/7… I explained to Apple that there are many smartphones and tablets on the market. We ( all of us) purchase on the visual aspect of the product. Lets face it… They pretty much all do the same. Our deciding factor is “look.”
    I no longer had devices that looked like what I had purchased. I didn’t have the product any longer. I work to hard for my money to have some guy that replaced Steve Jobs take the product I purchased and make it into something ridiculous looking.
    My deciding factor to Persue contacting Apple was that I read 1000 times on sites like this ” if you upgraded to IOS 7…. Your stuck with it! ( can’t has never been part of my vocabulary. )
    After thinking about this , I realized that all the stock in every Apple Store, Best Buy, Walmart among 100’s more stores were on IOS 6.1.3. The most likely scenario is if you go in to purchase a device the sales people at an Apple Store will take it out of the box and upgrade before it leaves the store. Walmart won’t bother. Best Buy I’m not sure.
    Anyhow at 3:30 last Monday I called Apple. They said they would send me new devices running on IOS 6 to arrive in 5-7 days. I didn’t want to wait. I asked them to call my local Apple Store, tell them what’s happening and tell them NOT to upgrade my new devices. Tech support did a 3-way call. They also emailed the store with instructions. I went , picked them up without incident. There was question of my devices not being under warranty. I had brought the name of my Apple contact with her direct number with me. I only responded to the warranty question by giving the sales person that information… And said this is not for you to question… Call this person.
    They didn’t. They gave me my new devices which I activated myself prior to leaving the store to insure they were not upgraded.
    Start to finish… 1.5 hours from the phone call to me bring back in my home.

    Please, please don’t let anyone make you believe you don’t have options or choices. Apple has always had outstanding customer service and still does. I thought this was going to be a battle but was prepared to see it thru.
    It wasn’t a battle at all. One of the easiest transactions I’ve done in a long time.
    If you are not happy with the performance OR LOOK… Swap out your device. Call Apple tech support.

  24. Sandy Orr says:

    iTunes won’t get me do the above–I get a message that my iPhone can’t be used with this version and I have to upgrade iTunes. Well, I hate the new version of iTunes even more!

  25. Kathy Yates says:

    Thank you, Deborah! I’m calling first thing in the morning. IOS 7 is dreadful!!!

  26. If they don’t issue another update to the Iphone to get rid of IOS 7, I will be changing phones. The contrast makes it nearly impossible to see the screen, and no I don’t think making the screen black with skinny white letters helps in the least. Also, I can’t find many things that used to be easy to find. Why move the internal workings of my wireless information, why change how everything looks. I cannot delete messages with the new app, and if I do, I cannot remove the deleted ones from the box either.

  27. if i have to live with this upgrade??? I’m going away from i pad, i hope the dim-lows don’t do this with their other software. anyone want an i pad?

  28. Robin Grigg says:

    The company phones are up for renewal in January next year so where I was just looking at the Nokia or Sony, but now with this iOS7 and its playschool look and about half a dozen of my apps now not working correctly, the music player when connected to my car always reverts to playing them all from the beginning in alphabetical order it going to be which of these 2 phones. I have just tried in the of chance to down grade but the loophole is definitely closed. It does seem that since Steve Jobs passed the lunatics are now running the asylum!!!!!

  29. I don’t like the way it looks. Apps crash. My ipad runs slower. I wish I never upgraded…

  30. My iPod 5 use to last from 7am til around 8pm, while using it on and off, but now it dies at 10am! Three hours of on and off use and it dies. It drains my battery, my storage is all of a sudden “full” when I haven’t downloaded anything or taken any pictures or videos. I demand getting iOS6 back. This is just like Obama forcing Obamacare upon us, we should be allowed to have the option whether we want it or not.

  31. I’ve had a enough. Phone freezes, crashes and icons gone missing. I’m changing to Android. iOS7 must go down in history as Android’s Salesman of the Year.

  32. Bye bye Apple. Samsung here i come.
    I dig a hole en then i put my iphone in it.
    R,I,P My iphone :(

  33. I bought an iPhone 4 in Aug. 2011, and a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket 4 months later, because I sell and install car/home products that interface with Apple/Android devices. I have left the Samsung on my desk nearly unused for 2 years, and simply LOVED my iPhone 4, even with being a die-hard PC user/Apple hating techie. I have the iPhone 4 with me from the moment I wake up, until the moment I lay it down to go to sleep, it’s even our alarm clock the next morning.

    IOS7 has rendered it the most un-useable piece of junk I own, and I go thru LOTS of technology in my business. My iPhone 4 is in MINT condition, but now even the simplest task like opening Contacts, or the phone screen takes forever. I have over 240 apps on my phone, 180 of them just for business applications, all organized in folders, etc. , now those folders are piece of shit gray backgrounds, instead of the nice high-contrast black they were. How about the nearly useless botoom blind, that you are supposed to be able to pull up and access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Orientation, Flashlight, Brightness etc. I can MAYBE get it to come up once in 20 tries.

    The icons look as fruity and gaily made as I’ve ever seen, the fonts are horrible, the keyboard is horrible, it lags so bad, it auto-corrects something I’m 3 words past, and ALWAYS wrong, due to the input lag, and massive choking of my A4 processor. Not a business users classy device like it used to be, now it looks like some dumbed-down, worldy universal kids starter phone toy.

    The phone screen is awful, ending a call takes 3-4 presses of the END button, which then lags thru to the previous screen, and usually dials a “favorite” or the last call that happened to be present in the log, under where the END button just was.

    I could go on with more gripes but you get the idea. iPhone 5 intro was bad enough LAST year, with no 3rd party support for accessories, interfaces, hell, not even charging cables. Rendering nearly 2/3 of my business offerings USELESS with their grand new design. Lightning connector? Great idea in thoery maybe, but Apple wouldn’t share the specs with anyone, and created a glut in useability of the 5 for almost a year. I told ALL of my customers not to buy the 5 if they wanted to use it to interface with car stereos, home audio docks, etc.

    I’ve recently picked up my almost 2-year old Galaxy 2 Skyrocket running ICS, and have to say, it’s working far better, and actually looks more appealing and business-like than IOS7 will ever be. I think I may just retire my now nearly-useless iPhone 4, and NEVER bother to update my still functioning iPad 2.

    Apple should have a class action lawsuit brought against them for not explaining the upgrade better, and how DRASTICALLY it would change your phone, and give you the choice to “opt-out” of the update, or revert back to IOS 6 at this point.

    I have a Pentium 4 PC in my mix still running XP, but I would never think of putting windows 8 on it….it’s an OS not built for hardware that old. Yet, I can still surf the web, and type word documents and do my Quickbooks on it just fine…..even with the threat of Microsoft terminating all support for XP in 2014, I’m sure it’s final iteration and updates will still allow it to run just fine, along side my Vista and Windows 7 machines. They aren’t going to force a new OS onto my PC, and make it run at 20% of the speed it runs at now…..

    Shame on you Apple. Shame on you Tim Cook. Your visions are not forward-thinking like Steve Jobs were, stop breaking the things that work, and invent something new, don’t try to re-invent Jobs’ masterpieces. I might even go for a Blackberry or Windows phone at this point.

    • zlaputz says:

      I agree, I watch MacBreak Weekly every tue & they recommended it, especially Andy Inatko, I blame them 4 not giving a very candid review. Andy seems more concerned about saying anything negative about Apple so he will continue 2 b invited 2 Apple events. yes Leo u were right , if Steve were here he would say “you are fxxxing up my company”!

      • zlaputz says:

        what’s up w that silly grin on Renee Ritchies face during Leo’s show…s he reading the Sunday comics ? in all fairness I should have taken a hint when Andy sed he had not upgraded hi main work iPad 2 ios7,,,but as far as there not being a black list….come on Andy,

      • Tom Garrison says:

        I hate IOS7, thank GOD I only installed it on my iPhone 4, my backup phone. When my contract is up I will get another phone, NOT APPLE. I did NOT upgrade my iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5, and my iPad 2. I have NOT upgraded iTunes on my desk top. I don’t buy from iTunes anymore. I get my music, books, and movies, from Amazon, a much easier web site to use. I used to be a loyal apple consumer but the stupidity of IOS 7 has changed that. I have vision trouble and IOS 7 is impossible to use!

  34. Noah Hiatt says:

    iOS7 worst update ever what the hell were they thinking when they did this update it sucks to high heaven

  35. Debbie Veel says:

    hate hate hate ios 7:( my son upgraded it for me and I loathe it. The apps look like something a child has done- garish neon-horrible. The bright white diary page is headache making. you canot scale photos to use as wallpapwer it jsut zooms tham out and you lose half the photo. The safari is aweful too. It looks, feels and works like an android now instead of being sllck ,simple and beautiful it is clunky and not very user friendly. :( I was going to buy a mini ipad becasue I like ipads so much more than tablets, but there isn’t any point now PLEASE let us go back to ios 6
    Shame on you apple :(

  36. Duvan Luong says:

    As you can see, Tim “Idiotic” Cook likes to piss off the Apple community, starting from iOS 6.

  37. I knew the ios 7 is ugly and childish, but unluckily I pressed on the update icon and my phone turned to a fucking ridiculous stuff after about 30minutes upgrading. I got the damned ios 7 stuck in my phone for 1 month and really hate it. I have been looking for a used iphone 4 with ios 5 or 6 but I am almost out of luck. Most of them come with the goddamned ios 7. Before with ios 5, my battery could last more than 48 hours since the full charge, now with ios 7 it only lasts more than 17 hours and requires charging. I even think about buying a used iphone 3S and throwing my fucking iphone 4 to the shop. F*ck Apple ! Please get people back to ios 5 or 6 otherwise you will be bankrupt.!