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Following the retail launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in Apple Stores and retail partners around the world today, Apple has provided a statement to AllThingsD calling demand for the new iPhones “incredible”. Apple also noted that the iPhone 5s is only available in limited supplies and sold out in many stores, lining up with what we first reported yesterday:

“Demand for the new iPhones has been incredible and we are currently sold out or have limited supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores,”

Yesterday we reported that many stores were getting little to no gold and or silver/white units of the new iPhone 5s, and that most retail outlets would only have the Space Grey model available for sale. We’ve heard that is indeed the case today even at Apple’s own retail stores as most locations have an extremely limited number of gold iPhone 5s units.

This morning the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has instructed suppliers to increase production of the gold iPhone 5s by one-third, as shipping times for the device online have now been pushed back to October in most countries. That’s compared to the 7-10 days quoted for other colors of the iPhone 5s in most of Apple’s initial launch countries.

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16 Responses to “Apple says demand for new iPhones is “incredible,” iPhone 5s in limited supply”

  1. Apple does this every year. What is the difference with this year?

    Every year they blame it on low supplies / inventory. Have they not learned to make more devices? If they can not release the sale amount for the first day, i do not believe it was ” high demand”. Go look on Kijiji & Craigslist. I have seen over 60+ people in Toronto Canada alone selling them sealed for more then $1,000


  2. Kevin Mongru says:

    Apple could only make x amounts of the phone by launch day. Software and hardware had to be finalized. Hand assembly had to take place and release date is due to apple being cautious of quarterly fiscal reports


  3. I have a guy at work that went to a local mall at 6 am and was able to get the one. He said there were only about 50 people in line by 8am. This is in Chicago so not like a small city.

    Not sure if this is the same everywhere but I don’t remember anyone being able to line up at 6 am and get an iPhone that day.


    • Max Salganik says:

      I got inline at 7am and got a 4S when it was released… granted that was at an ATT store. I purposefully avoided the Apple store since I new more people would think to go there. This was in Orlando. The places that get swamped with 600-800 people must not have many outlets that sell Apple then.


      • PMZanetti says:

        In the Quakerbridge Mall in NJ (relatively new and unknown store), where carrier stores and other Apple stores are less than 10-30 min driving distance, there were easily 500 people in line behind me when I left the store at 9:30.


    • Oberhausen (Germany) had lines with up to 2500 people in line!


  4. Wasn’t half as many people lined up this morning compared to last year at my Verizon store at 8am. They had plenty of gray, 2 white and 0 gold. The nearby Radio Shack had 2 AT&T gray, 0 white and 0 gold and 3 Verizon 5C’s to start with.


  5. Brian Stokes says:

    Ordered a 64GB Slate iPhone 5S from AT&T this morning at 1:50AM CST (their portal was enabled before the Apple Store preorder), expected shipment date is 10/21/2013 to 10/30/2013. The 64GB version must also be in limited supply. Wishing I had waited 10 minutes to see the delivery times on Apple’s website.


  6. PMZanetti says:

    Got a Space Grey this morning at Apple, this particular store in NJ got ZERO Gold unit shipments for sale. ZERO. Yet, they had a good 6-8 demo units in Gold. Go figure.


  7. Chris Brewer says:

    Honestly, does Apple ever describe anything without calling it “incredible?”


  8. rahhbriley says:

    My simple opinion on the supply constraints of the 5s are simple. Double down on secrecy! We really weren’t sure on the inclusion of a finger print sensor until the week of the announcement. I’m guessing they had those produced in extreme secrecy and low supply to try to avoid leak. May have kind of worked?? But ya I’m guessing they have to catchup production on the fingerprint hardware components. I know others are saying it, but I’m pointing out that I think they were in such low production as to keep them secret. My 2¢


  9. alenawilson says:

    Apple iPhone 5C is witnessing lower demand in the market compelling its producers to cut down the production. Why the hell was it launched?


  10. Apple iPhone 4S is an upgraded communication tool that not just allows making calls and sending texts, it also connects you to a world much more conveniently.


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