While Touch ID is designed to scan the fingerprints of your fingers (and thumbprints of your thumbs), some users of the iPhone 5s have discovered some other body parts that are supported by Touch ID. For instance, the video above shows a user registering their nipple for Touch ID. More videos and body parts below:

Another iPhone 5s user shows the functionality working with a toe in the video above.

Our friend @chronic notes that Touch ID can even work with a user’s nose, and a video that we found on YouTube (shown above) demonstrates this.

Finally, for those curious, even the paws of a cat can be programmed for Touch ID (video above). Also be sure to check out our full review of the iPhone 5s and Touch ID.

And one more…

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17 Responses to “Touch ID on iPhone 5s can be used with more than just your fingers…”

  1. Lee Palisoc says:

    Maybe that’s why they call it “Touch” ID.


  2. Ok. I’ll say what everyone’s thinking. What about the dick?


  3. Cook must be so proud. /s


  4. good lawd…as if I wasn’t phobic enough about touching people’s germy phones. now when I handle someone’s phone, I have to be worried about what part of their body they used for their touch ID.


  5. Ola Kruge says:

    I would like to see all the girls do that when they were going to lock up their phones :-)


  6. rtdunham says:

    Probably inevitable. But it does give new meaning to the tech term “dongle”.


  7. These sort of stories bring out the best in most people’s sense of humor.


  8. Vin Tendo says:

    We on The ManChild Show were the First to Provide video proof Of unlocking the iPhone 5s with a Penis