The A7-powered iPad 5 expected to be announced next week will accelerate the trend of people using tablets instead of PCs, argues an investment note from Deutsche Bank Equity Research.

We…expect growing [desktop] virtualization and iPad deployments in the enterprise to pressure corporate PC sales through 2014-15…We expect AAPL’s [Apple’s] iPad refresh to include 64 bit architecture, which should enable a greater array of enterprise App development and facilitate greater enterprise penetration over time.

Deutsche Bank had previously forecast that PC shipments would decline by 8 percent in 2013 and 6 percent in 2014, but has now lopped two points of each to predict -10 and -8 percent.

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 at a media event on October 15th. With the iPads, OS X Mavericks, the Mac Pro, Haswell-powered MacBook Pros, Haswell Mac Minis and more, the event could be a crowded one.


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6 Responses to “A7-powered iPad 5 will accelerate the switch from PCs to tablets by two points – analyst”

  1. Especially if iWork and iLife are free. An A7X chip would be just perfect but the thing is Apple needs to focus on how the iPad can be a killer productivity and creativity tool. Talk more about powerful features during the keynote, always feature apps that replace desktop tasks. And keep XCode and the 3 pro apps Mac-only for keeping reasons to buy a Mac, while making iWork and iLife more powerful.


  2. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    I hope Apple crushes the crap out of Android with A7-powered tablets. I get so freaking tired of hearing how Apple is losing iPad market share to $100 Chinese white-box tablets. Anyone can flood the market with cheap products and gain market share. What’s so astounding about that? Is 30 companies selling cheap products beating one company selling high-end products in market share actually worth bragging about. I really don’t get Wall Street at all always harping about how great and powerful Android is. It’s a freaking free OS anyone can use and has almost no low-limit hardware standards to speak of. It makes the platform popular but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best OS platform or the most profitable platform.
    Take a look at the vast range of prices on these biatches: http://www.chinavasion.com/china/wholesale/Android_Tablets/

    How can Apple outsell all those various brands in unit numbers? How can any of those brands make any profits at that level of pricing against nearly similar products from other brands? Apple losing tablet market share? Give me a break.


  3. they added 2 points not lopped them off

    lop 1 |lɑp|
    verb ( lops, lopping , lopped ) [ with obj. ]
    cut off (a branch, limb, or other protrusion) from the main body of a tree: they lopped off more branches to save the tree.
    • informal remove (something regarded as unnecessary or burdensome): it lops an hour off commuting time.
    • remove branches from (a tree).


  4. Bedros Demir says:

    Wont be long before pc are totally replaced by pads running 64 bit chips with osx like a mac.