Earlier this month we reported that an iTunes Radio launch in at least Canada was on the way and today the service has officially started arriving for some users. While we’ve only been able to confirm availability in Canada first hand, others are reporting that iTunes Radio is also starting to roll out in the UK:

Bloomberg reported earlier this week that Apple was targeting an iTunes Radio launch in several new countries for 2014. According to the report, Apple was expecting to rollout the new radio service in The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia by early next year.

Apple officially launched its iTunes Radio streaming service in the U.S. alongside the launch of iOS 7 late last month. Not long after the company announced that it recorded 11 million unique listeners in just a few days and confirmed the service will soon expand into other markets.

iOS 7 doesn’t require an update to enable access to the service in new countries, but a quick restart of your device or the Music app should make iTunes Radio appear if it’s available in your location.

Update: It’s unclear if the service is actually beginning to roll out in Canada or if there is a server side issue causing iTunes Radio to appear in the Music app. Shortly after appearing in Canada the service stopped functioning:


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12 Responses to “iTunes Radio begins sporadically rolling out in Canada”

  1. I’m in the UK (on 3) and it’s not showing for me yet.


  2. Blair Davis says:

    Nothing here in Canada.


  3. I got it on iTunes on Mac but not on iPhone yet….in Canada Eh?


  4. In the UK on O2 and managed to get iTunes radio a few hours ago for about 30 seconds (see my last tweet which shows a screenshot too!)


  5. Eric Labelle says:

    iTunes Radio seams to be now on my iPhone in Canada. But i get the message that the service is not available… Shame…


  6. O2 UK popped up earlier but was getting unavailable error. Force quit the music app and now the iTunes Radio icon has disappeared. :(


  7. Tyler Norman says:

    On my iPad 2, logged in as my US account, in Canada though, it appeared, once on Canadian account, it’s not there.


  8. Nothing will ever be better then Pandora. Pandora has been around for along time and is free. I’m sure apple will make some kind of scam that will make you pay. Pandora is even free in Canada


  9. I noticed iTunes radio appeared in my iPhone and iPad around Christmas time but the service didn’t work. That lead me to a search and this article. I thought I’d try again after the new year and sure enough on my iMac, iPhone and iPad there was a functional iTunes radio option. A few days later all traces of iTunes Radio disappeared from all my Apple devices despite checking all the preference and display settings. Weird! (I’m on the West Coast).