When Apple updated its iLife suite on iOS and OS X today during its iPad event, it announced a new feature for iMovie called “iMovie Theater” designed to allow users to share content to iCloud and then watch the clips, movies or trailers easily on any Apple device. Apple mentioned that would also include the Apple TV and has now added a new “iMovie Theater” channel in a quiet update to Apple TV.

The new iMovie Theater channel is accessible after installing a software update on Apple TVs and you can access your shared content by signing into the same Apple ID used for your iCloud account on your other Apple devices with iMovie.

The iMovie apps are available for free to users who purchase new devices and to everyone else for $4.99 and $14.99 on the App Stores.

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7 Responses to “Apple TV update brings new iMovie Theater channel”

  1. Terry Dunham says:

    is the AppleTV update showing up yet for anyone?


    • Terry Dunham says:

      update: three hours later, “software update” on appleTV still has not reported an update available, BUT iMovie Theatre is now among the options on the appleTV screen, so I’ve been updated without any overt action. I guess that’s what they mean by a “silent” upgrade?


  2. iMovie Theater is the Apple equivalent of Google’s YouTube.


  3. riterrick says:

    Didn’t see the update yet. Apple TV is slowly but surely coming into its own.