Boost Mobile, a prepaid subsidiary of Sprint, today announced pricing for its upcoming iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch next week. While the carrier previously announced that the device would arrive on Nov. 8, today it confirmed pricing for the two new iPhones will start at $100 off the usual retail price. Much like what’s on offer from another Sprint subsidiary, Virgin.

Available for $100 off on every model, Boost Mobile will offer the iPhone 5s for $549/$649/$749 for the 16/32/64GB models, while the 16GB iPhone 5c will also be a $100 off at $449 and $549 price tags for the 32GB.

Boost Mobile also noted that it will be making the iPhone 4S available for $299.99. 

All of the new iPhones will run on Boost Mobile’s $55 Monthly Unlimited no contract plan on Sprint’s 4G network.

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4 Responses to “Boost Mobile to offer iPhone 5s & 5c for $100 off starting at $549/$449”

  1. Kenny Holmes says:

    But I’ve heard boost mobile is incredibly slow, even in San Francisco you can’t get LTE for Sprint. So I doubt their Boost service will be better .


  2. Tiancong Xu says:

    can i just buy the device without signing a contract?