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Today, Apple has updated iTunes to version 11.1.3. The new update includes multiple bug fixes surrounding performance for large libraries, the equalizer, and various other bugs. The update is available in the Mac App Store Software Update section. Apple is also reading updates to Mavericks Mail, Safari, Remote Desktop, and iBooks. 

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12 Responses to “Apple releases iTunes 11.1.3 with performance, equalizer and other bug fixes”

  1. What about update for Windows?


  2. Thumbnails for video files are not showing avi on os x mavericks i do my best to fix but its saem …but i install os x lion .10.8.5 its showing avi but on os x mavericks not i need help thankyou very much
    MacBook Pro


  3. balazs630 says:

    I can confirm there is a big performance improvement in this recent version. The navigation is smoother than before! I have over 8000 songs so it was lagging until now! :)


  4. i am try divx plus player and Perian too but still some


  5. Hopeed they would fix the iCloud play sync, when I have listened to a pod cost on my iPhone and go to my iTunes library there is still a full blue dot. And if i then sync my phone, iTunes put that podcast back as unplayed. Same with tv-shows, the blue dot does not change before I start playing it on the Mac…