Update: Some 9to5 readers in the UK report an estimated delivery date of Nov. 15th.

Many online orders for the Retina iPad mini have yet to ship, but today a large number of users have now received delivery estimates from Apple and UPS. At least in the US, 9to5 readers report their Retina iPad mini orders will be arriving as early as Monday, Nov. 18. That’s the earliest estimate from UPS, but Apple is also quoting a Nov. 21st delivery date for many day-one iPad mini orders. Shipping times from Apple remain at 1-3 or 5-10 business days for all models of the device in all launch countries, but word has it supplies could be tight leading into the holidays.

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12 Responses to “Retina iPad mini orders from Apple arriving as early as Nov. 15”

  1. As early as Nov 18th? I’m in the UK and my estimated delivery time is the 15th!!


  2. Looks like it’s only good news for the Wi-Fi owners-to-be. Cellular versions have to still wait it out a few more days.


  3. L.B. Roemer says:

    Seen a bunch that are arriving on the 15th, wifi models.


  4. I live in Illinois, and my retina iPad mini shipped last night with an expected arrival date of Monday, 11/18.


  5. dpk form says:

    I’m typing this on my WiFi Retina Mini now. Reserved it instore in Toronto Canada yesterday and picked it up the same day. A 64GB grey for me and a 32GB silver for my wife. I also have a 64GB grey iPad Air. Tough decision between the two. The Air is definitely better for reading with its larger screen but the mini is much more portable and the size feels just right in hand. Both are light enough that I can hold them for a long time without tiring. Not like my old brick iPad 4.

    Funny thing is I replaced my wife’s old silver mini with the new Retina without telling her and she has yet to notice. She has not used it for anything other than viewing our low res baby monitor cam though, Still curious to see if she will notice it first time emailing or surfing, LOL. She did comment on how crappy the display on the MacBook Air is when I bought one for her and then returned it. So at least I know she sees the difference between a crappy old TFT panel that Apple still uses on the MacBook Air and the vastly superior IPS panels used on every other Apple product.


  6. exm144 says:

    I ordered a 32GB wifi from MacMall 11/12/13 at 9:00p est and it is scheduled to arrive 11/13/13 by 4:30p est. No sales tax and free shipping. Can’t beat that!


  7. Mine is arriving Friday November 15th, Im in the US.


  8. Mine is still at Hong Kong airport! Hopefully should reach London soonish!


  9. I ordered the 128GB mini 5 minutes after the store went back online. It stills says order is processing and max. estimated delivery time is dec. 4th with UPS standard shipping…. How do guys get your device so fast??


  10. exm144 says:

    16 and 32 gb models are more widely available than 64 and 128 gb ones.


  11. it’s bizarre. I’ve ordered on day one a cellular and one only wifi.
    The cellular has shipped. While the wifi still looks processing.