Evernote for iPhone and iPad has been updated with a fancy new mode that allows users to scan in business cards using their device’s camera and automatically converts the data to an editable contact card. The feature is only available to Evernote Premium users. The cards can also pull data from social networks and optionally email your contact information to the newly-added contact automatically.

Also for premium users, a new output mode for presentations that allows AirPort or cable-out connections to display notes from within the app on an external display.

Free users aren’t left out with the new update, though. Everyone will benefit from a new button that creates a duplicate of an existing note. You can also earn rewards such as a premium account by referring friends to the Evernote application. Finally, a sync button as been added to the main screen to facilitate quicker manual syncs.

Evernote for iOS is free on the App Store.

What’s New in Version 7.2.0

Premium Feature: Business card scanning
– Use the new Business Card camera mode to scan your business cards
– Evernote instantly turns the snapshot into an editable contact note
– Connect to LinkedIn, Facebook and your Address Book for richer results
– Set Evernote to automatically email your information to your new contact
– Free users preview: scan up to 5 business cards

Premium Feature: Presentation Mode
– Use AirPlay (or a cable) to present your notes to an audience
– 14-day complementary preview for Free users
– Evernote Business
– Create notes more quickly by choosing a default business notebook for quicknotes

– New ‘Duplicate’ option creates a copy of a note
– Refer friends to Evernote and earn Premium and other rewards
– Sync button added to the home screen

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5 Responses to “Evernote for iOS updated with scanning mode that converts business cards to contacts and more”

  1. Great additions!! If only I could trust them with my data.


  2. Great! And Evernote gets to see all of your business contacts. BONUS!!!!


  3. I use Evernote for almost everything like notekeeping, web clipping, storing business cards, etc. so I find this new feature to be somewhat useful. However, for keeping product related papers (receipts, manuals, certificates, warranties, serials etc.) I use Unioncy as they automatically turn uploaded/forwarded receipts into an index of useful ‘product cards’ with all information in one place in the cloud. I think it gives a better overview than storing information inside a notebook format and I can sync from my receipts stored in Evernote.


  4. JMichael TX says:

    The new features of EN iOS 7.2 are GREAT, BUT. . .

    apparently the app keeps crashing for many people.


    The New 7.2 Update from December 12, 2013 Keeps Crashing


    This has been a problem with Evernote now for OVER 1 year. They continue to rush new versions out the door without proper testing PRIOR to release.