Mailbox, the popular email application owned by Dropbox, has finally received one of its most requested features: support for email accounts using Apple’s iCloud email service. Also in the mix with today’s update is support for Yahoo Mail. The app is yet to hit the App Store, but the company tells us that the app is propagating out to users today via the App Store. (Update: it’s live)

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5 Responses to “Dropbox-owned Mailbox email app finally gets iCloud, Yahoo Mail support”

  1. INTERESTING. If it let’s my sent-from address be by own domain when sending through iCloud I could use this.


  2. turists says:

    somehow background sync still not working properly and even if email is read in Gmail, it shoes badge number on Mailbox app


  3. Since 19th December the connection with Yahoo has not being available for Mailbox, however all the tach sites like yourselves only covered the launch not the subsequent failure. Its now over a week later and they have not even updated their message on the issue which is on their blog. Seems that its a fail by both Mailbox and Dropbox. Why are tech sites not covering this and getting resolution or can you only read press releases.
    Sad because I wanted to believe in this app but 7 days and no update gives me no confidence in either Mailbox or its parent!


  4. Sam Kenny says:

    Could not agree with Richard Warden more.