Dropbox Stories November 2

Dropbox adds new tools for searching and organizing files

A week ago, Dropbox got itself in a controversy about supporting M1 Macs natively. The company said it will eventually, but in the meantime, the app just announced today some new tools for searching and organizing files.

Dropbox Stories October 28

Latest update: Dropbox says Apple Silicon support in the works – see bottom of piece.

Dropbox M1 support still hasn’t arrived, even after Apple launched its new MacBook Pro models that run on more powerful versions of the chip. Worse, the company claims there isn’t yet enough support for the idea to make it a priority. (This statement was made by a company forum rep who was unaware of the position.)

The Mac app only runs on M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max machines under Rosetta, which reportedly kills the battery and uses a gig of memory …

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Dropbox Stories September 28

Dropbox is offering its own Windows and Mac screen recording apps as one of three updates to help with remote working.

Although you can already do this with QuickTime or commercial third-party apps, Dropbox says its focus was on creating a free tool that is both powerful and easy to use.

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Dropbox Stories July 20

New Dropbox features reflect blurring between home and work, says company

Some new Dropbox features announced today reflect the way that the boundaries between home and work have become blurred during the pandemic, says the company …

Dropbox Stories March 16

Dropbox and LastPass announce changes to their free password managers

The password manager industry is going through some changes. Dropbox has announced it will launch a free password manager in April, while LastPass’ free offering is changing today.

Dropbox Stories November 17, 2020

Dropbox today announced some important improvements to the Dropbox Spaces platform, which was announced last year and focuses on collaboration and group work. The company says that the new features will assist people who are working at home due to the pandemic.

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Dropbox Stories October 21, 2020

Dropbox Family plans arrive with 2TB storage, new ‘Family Room’ feature, more

As Apple is about to make its Apple One family friendly bundle plans available this fall, Dropbox is beating it to the punch with new Dropbox Family plans.

Dropbox Stories June 16, 2020

[Now open to all] Dropbox password manager here, but invite-only; uses zero-knowledge encryption

Update: The app is now available to all. The company also announced two additional new features for home users, and two others for work users, described at the end of the piece.

A Dropbox password manager has been quietly added to the App Store, but it is currently listed as ‘by invite.’ This means that you can download it, but can’t yet activate it. An Android version is also available on the Play store, subject to the same restriction …

Dropbox Stories March 28, 2020

One of the key differences between iCloud and Dropbox is that iCloud will sync the native macOS documents folder along with your desktop. I have found the desktop syncing to be highly useful since I have a MacBook Pro at home and one at work along with iOS devices. I love being able to drop a file on the desktop and have it appear everywhere. Until now, Dropbox was limited to syncing its folder, but the latest Dropbox beta shows the company is expanding beyond being a ‘folder that syncs.’ expand full story

Dropbox Stories November 4, 2019

Dropbox Transfer now available for all customers to share up to 100GB files

Dropbox Transfer has left beta and is now available for all customers. The handy feature allows for sharing of very large files up to 100GB in size.

Dropbox Stories October 31, 2019

Dropbox updates its third-party extensions with Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp, more

Dropbox is out today with a solid expansion of its third-party extensions to help customers more easily get work done. New Dropbox App Extensions include Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, WhatsApp, Freshbooks, and more.

Dropbox Stories July 24, 2019

Dropbox iOS app adds 100 GB Dropbox Transfer, undo feature and more

The latest Dropbox iOS app adds support for Dropbox Transfer, a very handy new beta feature announced earlier this month…

Dropbox Stories June 11, 2019

Dropbox has released an all-new Mac app today and updated its web and iOS apps to unify and enhance the user experience across all platforms. The update also brings new integrations with third-party software like Slack and improved collaboration features like pinning files, to-dos in folders, and much more.

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Dropbox Stories June 4, 2019

Dropbox Paper tables gaining support for images, sorting, to-dos, and more

Dropbox Paper is receiving an update today that brings more powerful tables with support for images, to-dos, expanded colors, sorting, and more.

Dropbox Stories March 14, 2019

Dropbox pushing free users toward paid accounts with new three device limit

Dropbox has today made a notable change for those using a free account, there is now a three-device limit. However, along with the change there is a bit of good news for existing users.

Dropbox expands cloud integrations with Klaxoon, Pronto and WeVideo education apps

Dropbox has announced today that it has expanded its partnerships with several educational apps. Now the cloud-based storage service is integrated with Klaxoon, Pronto, and WeVideo to offer improved workflows and collaboration for students and teachers.

Dropbox Stories February 22, 2019

Dropbox announces ‘Multi-Team Admin’ feature to improve group collaboration, especially for complex organizations

Dropbox announced the latest feature heading for its business customers today during its earnings call. Multi-Team Admin will allow businesses to share admin privileges across multiple Dropbox Business accounts to make collaboration with multiple groups and departments more seamless.

Dropbox Stories January 24, 2019

Dropbox is out with a new feature today that will surely be welcomed by teams who regularly work with video and audio content. The popular file sharing company is rolling out the ability to add time-based comments and @mentions to audio and video files for streamlining collaboration.

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Dropbox Stories November 6, 2018

Dropbox Extensions arrive to enhance third-party integrations with Adobe, Autodesk, Vimeo, DocuSign, more

Dropbox is out today with news that it is refreshing its third-party software integration program with new capabilities and partnerships. Dropbox Extensions will offer new features along with integration from big names like Adobe, Autodesk, Vimeo, Docusign, and more.

Dropbox Stories October 25, 2018

Dropbox Paper gains new timeline features including project milestones, assign tasks, more

Dropbox Paper is getting an update today that brings a new way to coordinate and stay in sync with colleagues while working on projects. The new timeline features offer the option to create visual representations of what’s happening when and who’s in charge of what with Dropbox Paper.

Dropbox Stories October 10, 2018

Dropbox search capabilities have been given a significant boost for the second time in as many months. The company says that it can now search for text inside PDFs and even image files like JPG and PNG …

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Dropbox Stories September 27, 2018

Dropbox launches new full-text search engine powered by machine learning

Dropbox has announced today that its new Nautilus ML-powered search engine is now in use and offering users more powerful search than ever before. Dropbox’s engineering team has also shared specifics on the architecture of the Nautilus search engine.

Dropbox Stories September 16, 2018

When it comes to file storage for Mac and iOS users, there are multiple options. Today, I want to look at iCloud Drive vs Dropbox.

When I think back to the early days of iPhone and iPad (and even my Mac life around that time), Dropbox was so ingrained into my workflows that I couldn’t ever see it leaving. On the flip-side, I’ve have been using Dot Mac/MobileMe/iCloud since before the iPhone was released. Years ago, Apple’s storage solution for Dot Mac/MobileMe was iDisk, and it was not good. Dropbox came along and made everything else look ancient.

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Dropbox Stories September 4, 2018

Dropbox Paper now supports Airtable, Lucidchart, and folder embeds for more seamless collaboration

Dropbox Paper is rolling out a new update today that offers the ability to embed three new types of content. Users can now collaborate more easily with the option to include file previews of Dropbox folders, Airtable bases, and Lucidchart diagrams.

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