Dropbox Stories November 6, 2018

Dropbox Extensions arrive to enhance third-party integrations with Adobe, Autodesk, Vimeo, DocuSign, more

Dropbox is out today with news that it is refreshing its third-party software integration program with new capabilities and partnerships. Dropbox Extensions will offer new features along with integration from big names like Adobe, Autodesk, Vimeo, Docusign, and more.

Dropbox Stories October 25, 2018

Dropbox Paper gains new timeline features including project milestones, assign tasks, more

Dropbox Paper is getting an update today that brings a new way to coordinate and stay in sync with colleagues while working on projects. The new timeline features offer the option to create visual representations of what’s happening when and who’s in charge of what with Dropbox Paper.

Dropbox Stories October 10, 2018

Dropbox search capabilities have been given a significant boost for the second time in as many months. The company says that it can now search for text inside PDFs and even image files like JPG and PNG …

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Dropbox Stories September 27, 2018

Dropbox launches new full-text search engine powered by machine learning

Dropbox has announced today that its new Nautilus ML-powered search engine is now in use and offering users more powerful search than ever before. Dropbox’s engineering team has also shared specifics on the architecture of the Nautilus search engine.

Dropbox Stories September 16, 2018

When it comes to file storage for Mac and iOS users, there are multiple options. Today, I want to look at iCloud Drive vs Dropbox.

When I think back to the early days of iPhone and iPad (and even my Mac life around that time), Dropbox was so ingrained into my workflows that I couldn’t ever see it leaving. On the flip-side, I’ve have been using Dot Mac/MobileMe/iCloud since before the iPhone was released. Years ago, Apple’s storage solution for Dot Mac/MobileMe was iDisk, and it was not good. Dropbox came along and made everything else look ancient.

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Dropbox Stories September 4, 2018

Dropbox Paper now supports Airtable, Lucidchart, and folder embeds for more seamless collaboration

Dropbox Paper is rolling out a new update today that offers the ability to embed three new types of content. Users can now collaborate more easily with the option to include file previews of Dropbox folders, Airtable bases, and Lucidchart diagrams.

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