Edward Mangano-iPad

NewsDay reports Republican Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano was sworn in for his second term today using an iPad and Bible app when officials were unable to locate a physical copy of the Bible:

Addressing a standing room audience at Bethpage High School, where he graduated in 1980, Mangano took the oath of office on an iPad featuring a text of the Bible when a printed copy could not be located.

Not surprisingly there is much debate heating up online over whether or not an iPad and Bible app should qualify as a replacement for the real thing. Video from the ceremony is available here.

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35 Responses to “No Bible available? NY swears in politician with iPad Bible app”

  1. Know what’s even better than a Bible iPad app? No Bible at all? This is a secular country. We should either swear on ALL the books- including the Qur’an, the Bible, etc… or NONE OF THEM, and just swear on the CONSTITUTION, that thing that used to matter. -liberal

    • Religion-hating atheists are hilarious when they’re acting all offended about stuff.

      • Air Burt says:

        You hit the nail on the head here.

      • and religious bigots are hilarious hypocrites when they’re upset that somebody has the temerity that politicos swear on the U.S Constitution rather than their pet religious text.

      • eburkedisciple says:

        Mark, consider your suggestion of swearing on the Constitution. Why do you swear upon something. There idea is that it represents something higher than you to which you are, not will be, accountable to. It is like swearing to do it or – hope to die. The Constitution is written by men. It is our creation. They swear to uphold it but they swear this upon the bible as a statement of accountability. Now, perhaps you have something. Since in the “old” days most people felt some shame and genuine accountability to the God of the bible – it meant something. Now, well, your are a good example of some we swear in now who just don’t. So perhaps we should change the process to swear to uphold the Constitution in its traditional interpretation (until official amended) under penalty of death. Would that satisfy you? It would satisfy me.

      • Aww… you’re so cute when you’re frothing. Keep it up. Entertain me, dancing monkey!

      • Air Burt says:

        Bigot….I do not think that word means what you think it does. Christians are anything but bigots.

    • degraevesofie says:


      Err… I mean, what she or he said ;-)

    • opsono says:

      So correct it hurts.

    • This Country is secular when it wants to be and based on God when it’s convenient. Although very quickly becoming one of no beliefs except those that don’t offend atheist and agnostics. If one argues that this country is secular and not God based, just take a look at our money and many of our historical documents. This Country was founded on Christian principles not Muslim, not Buddhist, not Confucianism,… Christian. Those books should be allowed and others to believe sure, based on the Constitution, but in no way allowed in our Government. Countries in the Middle East are based on Muslim beliefs, should they be forced to have Bibles part of their Government? Of Course not. Should they allow others to practice their choice? Of Course. But this Country was ONCE a VERY God based Country and sadly Liberal policy makers and organizations bent on tearing away all the values that have been in places for 238 years is making it a Country of no values at all, only that all views and beliefs are ok as long as they aren’t based on God, because that offends people. No matter that people who believe in God and the values set up 238 years ago are being offended.

      I assume you signed your post “-liberal” because you are a Liberal, and talk about how the Constitution “used to matter” when in fact it is the very Liberal Government in place and in the past that has walked on this historical document with dirty shoes and reckless abandon.

    • eburkedisciple says:

      This is our history and tradition. The stuff we were made of that made us great. Not all our founding fathers were Christian but they all understood that men need accountability or our base nature will lead is toward error. Respecting the past and the traditions that made us is just part of respecting each other. It is a peace building response rather than the strife you offer. If we don’t pull together we will not last!

      • I fear your last line is already underway. Class warfare is at an all time high and continues to get fueled by our own government to save their own time in office and fill their bank accounts. Our political system is broken by the very ones running it. When they can pass laws voting themselves raises, pet projects and billions to spend that we don’t have while the Country is in decline, we are done. We have no way, and sadly not enough care, to make our voices heard without being labeled Radicals or Home Grown Terrorists.

        Voting when it’s done by a majority of uninformed voters who are voting based on what they hear on the same TV that has been bought by the politicians and what is the “cool” person of the election is a very dangerous thing. We have voters who don’t even know how the government works and candidates skirting laws with loop holes designed by their predecessors to buy their way in with other peoples money. I am not against wealth! but I always say, when politicians are worth Millions running for election and worth Billions after leaving office, we have a serious problem. The employees are making money while they punch our time clock.

      • eburkedisciple says:

        Alas, Patrick, you may be correct.

    • Imagine if somebody had secretly installed the Constitution, On the Origin of Species, and the Qur’an – Fox News would have gone ballistic.

  2. PMZanetti says:

    Lol “much controversy” should arise over such a stupid and inappropriate ritual.

  3. opsono says:

    There is absolutely no necessity to have any religious text whatsoever used in this ceremony. In fact, it is a slap in the face to our founding fathers that any collection of fairy tales is used. Shame on them.

  4. Marklewood at Serenity Lodge says:

    A Bible is a Bible is a Bible. What’s the big deal? More importantly, why couldn’t they find a hard copy in the school, not even in the school library? Good grief! No wonder a Republican picked this venue! He didn’t want his honesty or integrity challenged down the road!

  5. Why not, they’ve made a mockery out of everything else we used to hold sacred. This was just a matter of time. You idiots that think it’s funny just go ahead and enjoy the future, it’s not all that bright. Just reading the comments shows where this culture is heading. Punks with poor upbringing and no respect with the ability to vote.

    • And with the current administration pandering to the 51% on government assistance, the liberal youth and all the illegals, the voting is about to be skewed down the road of socialism. When they buy enough votes by giving them what they want, this country will take a big turn down the a very bad road. With the rich and those in the other 48% constantly being taxed more and demonized, they will soon find out the balance has shifted to the extreme and the coffers will run dry. Then we will see what this Country is really made of.

      “Punks with poor upbringing and no respect”…. not to mention no clue of US history or moral values.

  6. So….You are going to a swearing in cerimony….and you didn’t think to bring the very book you will be swearing the oath to? Really? No one thought of the book? Really? No one? I think this was planned to get press for the first person to take an oath on a Bible app. And no, it’s not the same. He might as well have taken it on an invisible Bible.

  7. rettun1 says:

    “… I swear”

    “Okay great, let’s get start- oh, it looks like you 4-finger swiped to angry birds. Would you mind going again?”

  8. Tes Watcher says:

    I don’t mind folks using the bible or any religious book they choose (after all, the majority in this country is religious) if they give you option to “not” use it. But in this country, it’s basically it’s the bible or you don’t get to be appointed into the public office. They force everyone whether you agree or not to accept their way and if you object you’re rocking the boat over nothing. It’s a sham.

  9. herb02135go says:

    This politician might as well as taken the oath with his hand on a comic book!

    “In God We Trust” and “… under God…” we’re put on currency and into the Pledge by politicians pandering.
    I routinely obliterate the phrase on my money – because I don’t “trust” in any fictional character.

    • Air Burt says:

      It’s a good thing God is real then!

      It’s in all our important documents and stuff because our Founding Fathers knew He’s real and believed in Him.

  10. no matter, if they use digital or printed version. they don’t mean it in any way. Government, judges and law are sold out, so they have nothing in common with God’s word.