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Several readers are reporting that a snowblower has accidentally knocked into and shattered one of the large glass panels at Apple’s iconic 5th avenue Apple Store. That’s one of 15 panels, and those large slices of glass were installed a couple of years ago. In total, the late-2011 renovation project to move from 90 glass panels to 15 cost Apple approximately $6.7 million. Doing the math (and excluding labor costs), Apple is looking at a roughly $450,000 bill to fix that glass panel. Reports say that the store has not been closed because of this damaged glass, and it’s unclear when Apple will conduct the replacement. More photos of the scene below:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 11.51.44 PM

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34 Responses to “$450K panel of glass at Apple’s iconic 5th Avenue ‘Cube’ store shattered by snowblower”

  1. Jared Stutts says:

    I’d imagine Apple is expecting the company who was doing the snow blowing to pick up the tab for the damages.

  2. Deception: Nice Design :P

  3. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    The glass is likely insured against damage.

  4. Dale Schmidt says:

    Although I’ve never broken my phone I couldn’t resist saying that thats the same glass they use on the iPhone.

  5. danbridgland says:

    They’ll almost certainly have replacement panels already fabricated and sitting in storage. Getting a crane and necessary permits might take time though.

  6. Dan Mitchell says:

    People in Glass Houses should not stow thrones !

  7. Is that an Urban Outfitters?

  8. Len Smith says:

    This is the worst.

    I always end up cracking my Apple Store glass a few months before the new model is released.

  9. Drew Page says:

    Ouch! I am sure Apple has insurance on that stuff though.

  10. JP Hughes says:

    Please….. $455k for one piece of glass. I assume this number is derived from the project cost of $6.7mil. This number doesn’t take into consider roof cost, structure that supports glass, concrete foundation, doors, handrail, mechanical system, electrical system, general conditions, project OHPR and other misc items. The replacement would be $50k to $75k depending on the glass makeup, which is custom due to its height, be can’t imagine it is more than $120 per sq ft for the glass.

    • Kroo Smith says:

      Production runs of a panel of glass this size don’t come cheap. The whole production line is isolated for a job like this. Not to mention the scaffolding, cranes and workmen to firstly remove the shattered glass, then install the new panel. Now if you add the downtime for the time the store doesn’t trade, $400k would be closer to the mark.

      • JP Hughes says:

        Production runs? Glass is manufactured by the SQFT plus setup charges and run very fast. This piece would run in 30 minutes. Have you ever seen a XYZ or tempered line run? This piece of glass would be changed in one night with 8 glaziers, a crane operator and a flag man/ oiler. A 30 ton crane would cost $7,500 and glaziers are $150 per hour fully burdened on a NYC swing shift. Scaffold is cheap. That is no where $400k. Yes, this is what I do for a living for 30 years. If Apple is accepting bids, mine is $390k.

      • JP Hughes says:

        You must be an architect or consultant.

  11. coolbrooklynguy says:

    Apple Care Plus will cover it. They’ll get a refurb panel after an appointment with a genius.

  12. randywalters says:

    Thinking it through, as high as $450K sounds, the costs involved in manufacturing a thick piece of tempered glass that large, insurance, transportation and rigging for installation could definitely approach that neighborhood. Note that not one comment (so far) has said “that’s ridiculous!”

    Given what it costs for an overnight visit to NYC – something I’ve done several times recently – my inclination is to nod my head, and say “yup.”

  13. nightthree says:

    Keep in mind that these panels are reportedly 2″ thick and 32 feet by 10 feet. That’s a lotta glass.

  14. That’s definitely an i-ouch!

  15. Roy Black says:

    Actually the shattered glass looks pretty good. I know it isn’t structurally sound, it still looks good.

  16. Will Morris says:

    Do we know if Apple opted for the extended coverage option?

  17. james smith says:

    they can afford it. i am surprized one of new yorks deranged hacks has not driven through it yet.

  18. Geoff Daly says:

    Have 3M coat both sides with there Military Ballistic Tape and it will support the glass forever and they should do it to all panels for added protection. Then place a small low Stainless Steel wall-seat around the building so snow-blowers etc cannot touch or hit the glass and around 18 inches clearance to the coated glass?

  19. kabirjohnson says:

    Apple Care

  20. mollyebrewer says:

    I heard somewhere that the glass is 6 layers thick… It probably only broke one outer layer, which is why they didn’t close. Presuming that whomever was doing the snowblowing wasn’t working for Apple, Apple won’t be paying a penny.

  21. mrcarlb says:

    That will be a real pane in the glass to repair!!

  22. Erfan Sanei says:

    looks like the materials they use to make their stores are just as terrible as their products…

  23. Daniel Cowen says:

    Perhaps they should find a “genius” that can do it without breaking the glass.

  24. shoulda bought the Apple Care, oh wait thats not covered

  25. I wonder if there were any iwitness