SwitfKey, the popular Android app that replaces the stock on-screen keyboard with a gesture-based, predictive typing system, will soon arrive in an official iOS app from the same developers. While details are slim, the screenshot above from @evleaks comes with the caption “SwitfKey Note,” which we assume is a note taking app of sorts by looking at the image. Since Apple doesn’t allow users to change the system-wide on-screen keyboard to third-party alternatives like on Android, we assume that the gesture and predictive typing features will be accessible only within the new Note app. 

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3 Responses to “SwiftKey bringing its predictive gesture typing from Android to iOS w/ ‘Note’ app”

  1. We can expect SwiftKey Note to offer similar functionality. I also won’t be surprised if they release an SDK so that third-party developers can incorporate the award-winning SwiftKey keyboard in their apps.
    We’ll let you know as soon as any further updates on SwiftKey Note for iOS. Are you excited that SwiftKey is coming to iOS, even if it is just a Notes app?


  2. Make it a Jailbreak app, please.

    And Apple, seriously, it’s time to give developers a little more freedom.


  3. kapil says:

    about time..
    4 years ago..iPhone keyboard was the best thing happened to touchscreen. But now they need to catch up with Swype and Swiftkey. iPhone keyboard is no where near these two now..
    they have sacrificed alot for insisting easy keyboard.

    wish apple considers gesture keyboard option in stock keyboard…