Virgin Mobile is knocking another 20% off their marked down iPhones yielding the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on the unsubsidized phones (that’s another 10% less than this weekend’s mention).


Note Apple charges $650 for an unlocked iPhone 5s and $550 for an iPhone 5c so savings is around $200/iPhone. While the iPhones are unsubsidized, Virgin does offer extremely competitive plans on the Sprint 4G LTE network starting at $30/month for unlimited text/data.

Screenshot 2014-01-28 10.05.35 Screenshot 2014-01-28 10.04.12

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8 Responses to “Virgin Mobile cuts unsubsidized iPhone 5s to $440 or iPhone 5c for $360 shipped (Update)”

  1. JG (@jerg5) says:

    Can anyone confirm that these are unlocked to use in the US?


    • Wondering the same thing. Don’t know much about GSM/CDMA, but will that be a problem if I would be trying to use this on AT&T’s GSM network?


    • Just realized they are unsubsidized, but not unlocked. They are still locked to their service.


    • towamp says:

      Sadly they are not… Fortunately enough before I was buying their iPhone 5 a couple weeks ago I decided to give them a call and ask that same question and the sales representative said no; and when I told her how do you expect me to pay full price for a phone and still be locked she paused for a few seconds and said “Ummm ummmm…. sorry I can’t do anything about it”. Although I was planning on using their service I steered away because of those bad practices.

      I understand they don’t want you to buy a marked down phone from their store and use it elsewhere but they also won’t unlock it for you after 6 months of even a year.


      • donairecb says:

        How sure are you about being able to have a Virgin Mobile iPhone unlocked after 6 months? That’s what I’ve spent about an hour searching on the internet to learn…


    • chaddy0122 says:

      Well if it is locked to Virgin, then could it be used on a Sprint account then since Virgin use Sprint’s network?


  2. In Israel you pay only 16.8$ (59 NIS) on an unlimited plan with: unlimited calls, unlimited SMS & MMS, unlimited DATA (3GB) and unlimited international phone calls (to landlines in 51 countries and cellular lines in the US & Canada). with no contract.