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Apple published a new page on its iOS developer center Thursday night that lists a variety of resources for app designers looking to get the most out of iOS 7’s new look and feel. Most of the information consists of videos and documents that are already available to developers, but these were previously grouped in with other development resources rather than being set apart on a design-specific page.

The page’s header lists both iOS and OS X as platforms where “exceptional user experience” is paramount, but the resources below deal mainly with iOS 7 without any real mention of OS X aside from a single HIG document at the bottom of the list.

Another new page accessible from the main design page contains a list of “UI Design Dos and Dont’s” that deals with topics such as content layout and organization, text size, spacing of elements and text, tap target size, and more.

A developer login is required to access most of the documents.

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One Response to “New Apple developer pages aim to help software designers build for iOS 7 and OS X”

  1. Matthew Sims says:

    Its all about getting devs to use AutoLayout which resizes and arranges assets depending on screensize. Could this be in preparation for a larger screen iPhone?… Sadly we’re still 6 months away from the answer.