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From our Google Analytics logs, at around noon ET, over 70% of our site visits for the day came from iOS 7.1. I know our audience is at the tech-savvy end of the spectrum, but the number still impresses me, especially considering that many of the older iOS devices can’t even be updated and 7.1 isn’t yet Jailbreak-able.

It makes Chitika’s numbers look a little backwards.

As for iOS 8? Those numbers are growing pretty fast too (below).

Screenshot 2014-03-12 14.29.53

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24 Responses to “As of this morning, over 70% of 9to5Mac readers were on iOS 7.1”

  1. mpias3785 says:

    There seems to be a battery drain issue with 7.1. My iPhone 5s’ battery drained from 100% to 50% in 3 hours. During this time I received two short calls, totaling less than a minute and played about 30 minutes of an audio book.

    The charge dropped an additional 31% during a call to Apple tech support.

    Apparently something associated with Location services is causing the drain.


  2. I’ll be on 7.0.6 for quite a while yet. Nothing in 7.1 that’s worth losing my JailBreak for. And better battery life.


    • towamp says:

      if you don’t mind me asking, what apps from the JB community are you using?


      • VirtualHome (allows TouchID sensor to be used as home button)
        AppScan (allows you to protect apps with TouchID)
        MultiIconMover (allows you to move multiple icons to different pages on the home screen at once)
        SwitchSpring (allows you to quit all apps at once from multitasking tray)
        SwipeSelection (allows you to effortlessly select and move between text you are typing)
        DeleteAllMessages (allows you to delete all text messaging threads at once)
        TetherMe (enables tethering on phones without a tethering plan)
        XBMC (media viewer)
        …the list goes on :)


      • Sure. You ask like an Apple employee would. I hope you are.

        I give quotes over the phone, so I need a recording of all calls. I use Super Recorder for that.
        I need Caller ID lookup, so I use IntelliID for that.
        I need text and call integration with Google Voice, so I use GV Pro.
        I need faster access to apps without swiping 100 times to find the one I want, so I use InstaLauncher.
        I want the date and time in my Status Bar so I use StatusModifier.
        I want access to urgent item from my lockscreen, so I use LockInfo (still waiting for this one to be updated).
        I want better SMS handling, so I use BiteSMS.
        I want to block ads, so I use AdBlocker.
        I do NOT want Spotlight, a complete distraction and good for nothing, so I use NoSpot to kill it.

        And I paid for all of them. I frankly do not care what Apple releases next, including iOS 8. I NEED a JailBroken phone. Some are attracted to shiny things, I’m attracted to utility, and an out of the box iPhone is pretty crap. I’d switch to Android before using a non-JailBroken iPhone.


      • Terry Dunham says:

        You sound like you’re taking excellent advantage of having JB your phone. I utilize many apps on my non-JB iPhone and find it has vast utilitarian value to me. Don’t begrudge me that! Different tools for different folks.


      • Jailbreakers, you do realise that by jailbreaking your phone you know have know have opened up you phone to malicious attacks. I have been in Information Security for more than 12 years now and regularly go to security conferences. There has been a running joke over the last few years now. One of the most respected mobile security “hackers” during a iOS security talk joked, he never understood people who jailbroke their iPhones, saying you have now a iphone with just as much security as an Android.
        There is a good reason why Apple only allows signed code to run in their sandbox. You might as well now run AV and sloooow your phones down.


      • Oh noes, they might hack in and steal… an audiobook!!!! *SHOCK* *HORROR*

        Everyone run for their lives….


    • Ryan DeRocco says:

      I was about to write that until I read your post. I know that people think the JB is not needed anymore, but I currently use 16 tweaks, not including my movie apps (that allow me to watch what’s in theater at home without all that survey BS), and my tethering app (up yours AT&T, I’m not paying extra!), and I will not part with that for anything.
      BioProtect (the ability to lock ANY app with your finger/thumb print) is worth it alone!


      • shareef777 says:

        +1, TetherMe alone is worth skipping 7.1 I also leverage BiteSMS, Springtomize, Barrel, AdBlocker, CallBar, FlipControlCenter, and too many more to go through in one post.


  3. Terry Dunham says:

    I noticed elsewhere that 6.9 percent of iOS users had adopted 7.1 after 24 hours. This is an important reminder of the difference between 9to5 users and the larger iOS universe: The immediate adoption rate of people here is TEN times greater.

    We often project “our” phone and computer proclivities to the rest of the market, not considering the differences. It can only help to think about the use patterns and needs of a broader and different audience.


  4. Bill Garrett says:

    If Apple could figure out how to allow upgrades to easily happen without lots of available memory, the adoption rate would be even greater. I know lots of people who don’t have the energy to upgrade as they’re on 8GB models.


  5. The iOS 8 visitor graph might be more interesting if the y axis wasn’t completely cut off in the screenshot. No idea what numbers are being plotted. :)


  6. herb02135go says:

    IOS 7 Has Apple fixed it yet so it, you know, works?
    I appreciate all of you posting about your experiences. I think anyone who automatically updates w/o doing research is a fool.