Please, please, don’t laugh at my blazing fast network speed

This is a welcome feature update for iPad users: Ookla’s popular app for iOS received an update today bringing native iPad support to the app for the first time. is a popular site for checking your network speed whether you want to show off your better-than-mine download speed or see how far from advertised your speed rates really are, but iOS doesn’t support the site, and iPad users have had to made due with the stretched out iPhone app for a long while.

The update also includes enhancements to the speedometer for high speed connections and a number of bug fixes. Speedtest for iOS is a free app and update with an optional 99¢ in-app purchase to remove the banner ad.

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5 Responses to “ for iOS updated with iPad support, speedometer improvements, more”

  1. greenbelt2csp says:

    306ms ping? Ouch!


  2. dugbug says:

    The secret messages are both sad and hilarious. Did not know ookla the cat had died last year


  3. Pull down on the speedometer, then pull afgain, and again. You won’t regret it ;)


  4. iPad support 4 years later WAUW….


  5. ikir says: