Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, quoted in Business Insider, had both bad news and good for Apple in his talks with smartphone vendors during a tour of China and Taiwan, claiming disappointment with sales of the iPhone 5s but big hopes for the iPhone 6.

In the near term, we sensed disappointment around demand for the iPhone 5s.

That said, we heard great enthusiasm around the potential for Apple to introduce a larger iPhone form factor in China this year with the iPhone 6. In our view, the iPhone 6 with a larger screen (e.g., 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch) has the potential to meaningfully accelerate Apple’s growth trajectory in China during 2H:14. We have not heard this type of excitement in China around the iPhone in at least two years and thus we believe this could be a very special iPhone launch for Apple.

White doesn’t have the greatest record of reliability (he’s the guy who told us the Apple television set was launching last year, with an iRing controller), but lower than anticipated iPhone 5s sales does seem consistent with the rather muted comments made by China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua last month.

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11 Responses to “Chinese smartphone vendors disappointed by 5s but eagerly awaiting iPhone 6, says analyst”

  1. The “sensed” disappointment. Really? So no one actually said anything negative, no one expressed disappointment, no one gave any numbers, figures or actual data. This “analyst” however has secret powers of divinity and can simply “sense” these things. Why do you guys continue to report this non-news. No analyst has ever had credible insider knowledge.


  2. rottenbittenfruit says:

    Yeah, Mr. Excitement Brian White who gave Apple a price target of over $1000 in 2012. Talk about disappointments. Why the heck would the carriers be disappointed in the 5s? Their job is to sell smartphones to make money, so as long as there were plenty of purchasers of the iPhone why would they be disappointed? What Brian White is sensing is probably his own disappointment of getting predictions wrong. These analysts pull predictions and feelings out of their behinds. I honestly can’t believe there are no consumers out there who don’t want smaller smartphones. I do understand if they’re looking for a smartphone to do some dual-purpose duty but there has to be those consumers who simply want a compact smartphone. Not everyone was buying SUVs when they were in fashion. Even SUVs had some drawbacks and I’m sure smartphones with 4.7″ displays must have some, too.


    • Finally. Someone who agrees with me. I, for one, don’t want a huge 6″ phone in my pocket. If I want something big, I’ll use my iPad. I’d actually be OK if they went back to the iPhone 4 size.


      • I’m with you guys. I don’t get this huge screen mania. Isn’t that what a tablet is for?


      • You know, most people take a huge phone screen as something nice, shiny, good to look at although, is there an use for it? No, not that much. How often do you watch a film/serial on your phone? Because that’s the only use for it. I’ve never done so, I have my MB for this. Why would I watch something on tiny screen compared to MB or even to my TV. I just don’t get people like that. I still have my iPhone 4S and I’m happy with the screen size.


  3. rettun1 says:

    I know many of us like the 4 inch model, but big screens just seem to be where things are going. I think we’ll change our song once the bigger iPhone has actually arrived


    • xprmntr says:

      I personally would love if apple added the functionality to its iwatch of being able to pair with your iPhones cellular info so when u don’t feel like lugging the phone on a night out, u could just use the watch! Or some similar like an iphone mini or nano ‘companion’ device, dreamers will dream. 😋


    • alvinguzman says:

      Agreed..why not just release a 4.7 and 5.5 and call it day. I guess Apple will trickle the updates $$$ by increasing 2 inches every 2 releases


  4. avonord says:

    Waterproof? Sure. But is it blend-proof?