This isn’t the first time we’ve seen rumored schematics for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, but this time we’re presented with a detailed set of 3D renders. These images are claimed to be the source of design for all of the recent dummy iPhone 6 units that we’ve reported on, and allegedly, from a supplier based on Apple’s design.

We’re a bit skeptical of these renders, as anyone should be when dealing with these types of leaks. These images were originally obtained by the Wei Feng network (via G4Games) from “informed sources.” These alleged 3D schematics include dimensions and look very similar to all of the mockups that we’ve seen in the past.

These images are fairly detailed, but there’s no way to tell if they will line up with Apple’s official design when it’s released later this year. As we’ve mentioned before, this rumored design takes inspiration from Apple’s fifth generation iPod touch, mimicking it’s thin design and curved back edges. Along with that, the 3D schematics (and mockups we’ve seen) feature a relocated power button, redesigned volume buttons, and are sized properly to house a 4.7-inch display as previous rumors have indicated.


If anything, these are simply schematics based on rumors and speculation that have been used to manufacture previously leaked dummy units. For a closer look, check out the gallery below.

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35 Responses to “Sketchy supplier renders of 4.7-inch iPhone 6 surface online”

  1. Everything is based on the schematics… I’d be extremely skeptical.


  2. rettun1 says:

    Are the colors of the materials in any way related to their material? Meaning, are the break lines going to be made of the same stuff as the volume buttons? I hope not, because I hope the inlays are sapphire or glass like the way they are now. I haven’t like the recent mockups because the inlays are metal. And that’d be understand or if they went by these schematics.

    Also that first link goes to an article about iPhone 5s/c schematics, not 6.


  3. In one of the pictures it looks like the Apple logo is cutout? Does that mean it’ll light up like a MacBook?


  4. Could someone explain to me why I should give a damn about mock-ups and schematics? When the new phone is available it will be what it will be.


  5. maddhinesh says:

    wow thats awesome


  6. Very ugly and large to be true, an authentic piece of shit. Even Samsung can design better.


  7. iPadCary says:

    Jesus Christ …. Who CARES about this nonsense???? “Ooooohhhh!! Apple’s coming out
    with a phone that’s 4.7 inches diagonally!!1!!1!1″ Is this really all
    Enough already with this ineffectual boob Cook. #TimMustGO


  8. Worth noting that this schematic is quite different from all the other models and mockups in the way it treats the end pieces.

    If you look closely the entire volume of the pieces at the end are made up of the “line” material (plastic? ceramic?) and the little “window” of glass, although coloured like metal in most of the mockups could easily still be glass and thus coloured white, black, instead of being made to look metallic as in the mockups.

    In other words, it could be that a “black” version of the iPhone 6 has completely black ends as in the very first iPhone, with a space-grey body, and the white iPhone has completely white ends with a silver body. That would eliminate those ugly lines on the back and make the new iPhones not only look classy, but reference the very first iPhone at the same time.

    Who knows? I guess we will find out soon enough, and I already know I am not buying this giant thing anyway. it will be interesting to see how they treat their customers that don’t want a larger phone and whether or not this thing becomes the new standard size, or just a one-time giganto version of the iPhone. I’m thinking that if it sells well, they will have to sell two sizes of phone each year from now on.


    • Stetson says:

      I think that the area surrounding the camera is aluminum, but that another material (plastic, liquidmetal?) is ‘dipped’ around the end piece to fill in the seams and allow antenna reception. This material is surrounding the aluminum both on the outside (the “stripe”) and on the inside for a secure connection.


      • I don’t see any reason to believe the part around the camera (the “window), is going to be anything other than what it always is, which is glass or some other kind of radio-transparent material. If it were aluminium, then there wouldn’t be any reason why it isn’t part of the back piece, and it wouldn’t allow the antennas to work.

        Most mock-ups have shown the “windows” as grey and aluminium looking, but I believe this is only because of that one single picture of an iPhone 6 that looks that way, and it doesn’t mean they will be actually made out of aluminium. In the first case, it’s only one (dubious) picture. Secondly, all the trackpads on MacBooks have been made of glass for a long time even though they look, to all outward appearances to be aluminium.

        Whatever the “line” material is, it could also be treated to look like aluminium, making an all aluminium looking phone that actually isn’t. Or on the other hand, the line material can stay the same as the current phone and be either black or white coloured. If this schematic is to be believed however, it is made of *non* radio-transparent material, thus the glass “windows” still in evidence.


      • Stetson says:

        This earlier “leak” seems to show those areas being made out of the same material as the back plate:

        The antenna windows in this design would mostly be at the very top and bottom edges of the device, much like the HTC One.


  9. According to these renders, it looks like the Top On/Off Button has been moved to the Right Side.


    • Stetson says:

      That is a change which has been shown in many mockups and and “leaked schematics” so far. It makes sense if the phone is going to be larger.


  10. scumbolt2014 says:

    What? No 3d printer files to go with it?


  11. masamune6 says:

    The fact that these are all continuously based on schematics + the fact that there’s no dual-LED flash makes me think this is nothing like the 6 we will end up seeing. I just don’t see how they can go back to a non-dual flash after the 5S had one.


  12. Until someone could tell me what exactly the grey strips on the ends of the phone serve the purpose of & the material it’s made of, I’m not believing this is a final model for the next iPhone. IMO


    • Stetson says:

      The material is unknown but probably plastic. The purpose is providing an area of radio-transparent material for antenna reception. Apple likes to make things out of solid aluminum but that wouldn’t work for getting cellular reception. See the stripes on the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S for reference, as well as those on both generations of the HTC One.

      This new design is somewhat similar to the HTC One’s antenna window:

      But the “iPhone 6″ seems to have more plastic at the ends than the HTC.

      This earlier “leak” shows more clearly the shape of the aluminum back piece without the end pieces: