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More images of an iPhone 6 mockup have recently been published via NoWhereElse. At this point, publishing these dummy models has become somewhat of a daily ritual, but they are definitely interesting to look at.

If it means anything, these are definitely the most detailed iPhone 6 dummy models that we’ve seen to date. Like previous mockups, there’s nothing special to see here, but if these models are designed around the rumored specifications, it may give us an idea of what’s coming down the line later this year.

Recent rumors suggest that Apple’s iPhone 6 will feature a 4.7-inch display, new thin curved edge design (similar to a fifth generation iPod touch), and redesigned buttons. The images below also show off a model sporting Apple’s Space Gray color option that was introduced last year. One thing that seems a little out-of-place is the odd plastic trim around the top and bottom end of the model, but it’s probably not the best idea to take these pictures too seriously.

It’s impossible to know whether or not Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 will feature a similar design, but often case manufacturers will create dummy models or mockups in order to help with design for future products. It’s likely that these models were created based on rumored schematics and specifications, but the design does match up with previous images and rumors.

Full gallery below (click for full size):

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81 Responses to “Another iPhone 6 mockup shown off in new photos, now in Space Gray”

  1. nonyabiness says:

    Looks exactly like the one published here a few days back sans greasy screen film. They’re so common now, it makes me wonder if you can just order one from alibaba…

  2. Whats that ugly strip on the back?

  3. Now they are just getting sloppy. There is no way Apple would put out something like this.

  4. naxitohd says:

    I don´t like those black lines. But I usually don´t like any mockup… Even the real ones :P

  5. The more I see of this design, the more I dislike it. I sure hope that it doesn’t look like these cheesy mock-ups. Those dark-on-light lines are just hideous.

    There is nothing about the specs so far for iPhone 6 that interests me at all. Obviously it will be a bit faster and it might have a slightly better camera, but so far there is nothing of enough interest to make me overcome the $900 cost and actually buy one.

    It might sell very well because of the Samsung like shape and size, but I don’t see this phone as being remembered as one of Apple’s better designs.

  6. Interesting although that plastic mold looks sort of strange. If this does represent the final design, I’m sure it will be made a lot more attractive by the more premium materials that Apple typically uses.

  7. Looks genuinely awful.

  8. I’m not sure about that edge treatment at the back on the top and bottom. Makes it look like its held together with rubber bands.

  9. Tim (Cook) seems rather soft on these leaks… Pity.

    • You have to realize these leaks are intentional. Samsung just came out with new phones and Apple is dominating the news with “leaks” of the iPhone 6 which is at least 4 months away. Device makes have been using this kind of guerrilla marketing for a while now.

      • These leaks aren’t intentional lol. The schematic leak that all of these are based on may have been intentional, but none of these mockups are…

    • Tallest Skil says:

      1. Do you know what the word ‘mockup’ means?
      2. Do you know what a leak is?

      • whatyoutalkingboutwillis says:

        A vegetable?

      • Tallest Skil says:

        8/10, I chuckled.

      • I am very aware of both terms and the difference between them. These mockups, however, have been created out of some leaked specs, which have most likely come out of Cupertino. This is the bit that annoys me. Are we on the same page now?

        Agreed, Apple might as well be allowing these leaks intentionally, but personally I’d rather not be spoiled by knowing all about it before it’s released. I kinda miss the old “whoa!” factor of Jobs-era keynotes, where very few people actually knew of what was being announced on any given day.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>These mockups, however, have been created out of some leaked specs, which have most likely come out of Cupertino.

        Or… not. The specs are from China, where they make 1:1 fakes of iPhones.

      • Name which doesn’t make any sense to me. If you don’t want to see leaks, stay off these sites. A complete moron would know that much.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Are you replying to me or to someone else in the thread line to whom you can’t reply because WordPress is horrible?

  10. antoniogra7 says:

    Isn’t it weird that there is no dual flash?

  11. Please tell me those thick black (antenna?) lines and inset charging port aren’t real.

  12. Why not just make top & bottom black. Sorta like original iPhone only split. I’m not really feelin’ the weird stripeage. And the protruding camera… No… WTF Jonny?

    • Protruding camera makes perfect since, if the device is too thin to make it flush. The iPod Touch 5th gen has a protruding camera for this reason, and it is 100% fine.

      P.S. If you use a case and complain about a protruding camera then you are a complete moron.

  13. That is ugly… heck!

  14. If the next iPhone looks like that, I’m keeping my 5 and starting Android development hardcore!

  15. durvn says:

    Meh, no true tone flash on this mockup

  16. Tony Salazar says:

    The black lines make it look like a prop from TNG.

  17. bobbell69 says:

    Love the look of this but I’m gonna need bigger pockets.

  18. What happened to the dual LED?
    Will they drop it?
    **I know it’s mock-up**

  19. borntofeel says:

    Those borders look terrible.

  20. Kwixo Jones says:

    So Apple is going to release to Samsung Galaxy S1?? Sweet!!

  21. CJ Sheets says:

    I agree, no one should get too worked up over these mockups. But as far as this mockup goes, the plastic antenna lines (if that’s what they are) would look much better if they were thinner. Like the HTC One. And maybe choose a color that contrasts less with the body color.

  22. I hope to god Jony Ive and the team has more design sense then this. The phone looks okay overall, but the lines throughout the back as “cutouts” for antennas are the ugliest things i’ve seen. I hope they have better technology so they don’t need to use those ugly segmented parts in the back. But with more and more mockups and rumors all with similarity, I’d say this is close to what we will see.

  23. zubeirg87 says:

    I really hope that the actual iPhone 6 will have nothing to do with these mockups. They are disgusting. I can’t find a better word for these. The thick lines supposedly for antennas are unacceptable. So is the way the camera and flash are positioned. I hope Apple hasn’t lost their great design culture. If the actual iPhone 6 looks anything like this, I’m probably not an Apple fan anymore.

  24. It doesn’t exhibit class. This is not apple.

  25. herb02135go says:

    You do know all of these mock-ups are mocking the apple fans!

  26. Gross, don’t like it at all.
    I would rather have a glass cover for the antennas,
    And those black strips are cheap looking

    Yes I know it’s a mockup, but they are based on “real” concept ideas.

    It’s just ugly all over

  27. David Hope says:

    Other than the rounded edges it looks waaay too much like a larger iPhone 5!! I saw another rendering that showed a virtual edge-to-edge screen with an almost non-existent side bezel. That one looked much better!!

    Apple used to be known for pushing the envelope and being innovative in both design and tech. Now they seem to have lost their way, and are way to concerned with corporate profits than in offering the public something that sets new standards in the industry both in design and function! This is exactly what I was afraid would happen in the aftermath of Steve Job’s death. I sincerely hope that this “mock-up” is NOT the new iPhone 6. I am a long time Apple fan, and I own an iPhone 5 plus the iPad Mini with retina. My contract with Verizon states that I am eligable for an upgrade, and I really want the iPhone 6 with the 4.7″ screen, but it better be something way better than this mock-up!!!

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about with respect to Apple’s values now. They are the same as they have been. They pride themselves on making a few amazing products, not throwing out anything that may stick. They take their time and get it right (maps was a problem, but no one is perfect, and they removed some people for that). I have complete trust in Apple because of their core values, these are what make this company so much better than the rest.

      • David Hope says:

        I will say again that I am a long time Apple fan, and I sincerely hope that you are right with respects to Apple keeping to their core values as established and personified by Steve Jobs. I hope that I was wrong in doubting them…I really mean that! It is just that since Steve died Apple doesn’t seem quite the same with respects to some of their products, their phones in particular. They basically invented the whole smartphone concept and led the way from the beginning; but now they appear to be playing “catch-up”, and whether you want to hear it or not, the iPhone 5 design and features, and I’ve had one for nearly 2 years now, is rather ho-hum compared to some of the competition. I’m finding it harder and harder to defend the iPhone against the Android competition that many of my friends have. I’m hoping that the iPhone 6 will be the answer to all that and offer something truly outstanding with regards to both overall design and features. I want it to be another “Steve Jobs Special” that is a game changer!! Here’s hoping that Apple “knocks one out of the park” with the iPhone 6

    • I’d be surprised if they came out with this… it looks unfinished since it has no chamfers and the plastic looks quite strange.

      Plus, with 3d printers these days.. seems quite easy to make one up and take hundreds of pictures and a video.

  28. mcdonaldmorgan says:

    All these iPhone6 Mockups mean NOTHING unless shown beside the current iPhone5s or iPhone5c.

  29. Does everyone forget that 3d printers exist and you can easily make these with the right blueprints (which you can make yourself)

    2 years ago this would have been a lot tougher when the iPhone 5 came around.. and even then we were sure there was a teardrop shaped iPhone case.

  30. I find it very strange that every mockup we see of the iPhone 6 is at the 4.7 inch screen size, but there are still predictions of a 5.5 inch model.

  31. Dan Welsion says:

    I think there will be LEDs around the borders. look at the borders very thick.

  32. Really dont like that new antenna look. It looks kinda weird and “off”.