Here’s your daily dose of iPhone 6 mockups. This time, images of a white/silver iPhone 6 dummy have been posted on Chinese website Baidu. The images don’t reveal anything exciting or new, but they may give you a better idea of what could be coming later this year.

It’s been rumored that the iPhone 6 will borrow design characteristics from Apple’s fifth generation iPod touch, but regardless of how many photos, mockups, or schematics we’ve seen, there’s no way to verify the design accuracy of these images. It’s very possible that case manufactures are playing a game of telephone with rumored schematics and designing their own models to get ahead of the game.

While these images are consistent with previous rumors and mockups, it’s best to take this kind of stuff with a grain of salt. Don’t worry though, all will be unveiled later this year when Apple officially announces the iPhone 6.

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63 Responses to “Here’s your daily iPhone 6 mockup, in silver this time”

  1. Awesome Dom! Looking foraward to the Iphone 6!

  2. Not a big fan of the new rounded look, was going to get rid of the android for the iPhone 6 but I’m having second thoughts now. Love the iPhone 5s look, wish they suck with the blockier look.

    • weakguy says:

      Cannot agree more. I absolutely love the 5s design, but I really want a larger display. So far the leaks tell me iPhone 6 is not as elegant looking as 4 and 5. Hopefully Apple will prove me wrong once they actually release the phone.

    • Rounded is so 2007. I thought we were done with that when the 2G/3G/3GS had their run. I loved the rigidity of the 4-5 and I hope they stick with it. Subtle roundness is okay, but this is a bit too much for my taste; needless to say… I’m still going to get it because it’ll perform well.

      But I’m most bothered by the back…That thick plastic divider between the top and bottom halves of the phone seems so cheap and not thought through… I expect Apple to have a more “seamless” design aesthetic, no pun intended ;). These are just mocks so I’ll just take it as that and keep my fingers crossed.

    • rafalb177 says:

      Calm down, guys. It’s all just mockups. The actual phone is likely to look completely different. ;-)

      • That’s what I said in the last part of my comment haha. But… the iPhone 5 leaks, similar to the presentation of these, actually ended up looking damn near exactly what the phone looked like when released.

  3. Looks like a possible iPhone 6C, I mean that design it’s poor for the next flagship of Apple it’s look like a iPod Touch.

  4. where’s the dual LED flash?

  5. Aman Kapoor says:

    no edge to edge display
    it hasnt lost the bezels

  6. is it just me, or the back looks a lot like m7, m8 htc one? (except the flash position)

  7. irelandjnr says:

    Is it just me or do these mockups look more like 7.5 mm than 6 mm ?

  8. FAME says:

    These mock-ups are just sad. So sad. Though, the iPhone air concept video on Youtube is very sexy.

  9. The one thing about the new design that I’m still not feeling is the little radio transparent “windows.” This mock-up shows them as silver which seems a bit unlikely, but either way it looks so f*cking ugly the way they have fitted them into the curved back. They look out of place to me. If they are going to go for an “iPad style” shape, then doing the windows the same way would be preferred.

    • The new design that is in no way official in any capacity? Also the schematics don’t detail the antennas I don’t think. As far as how they will look incorporated on the back of the device.

    • Yeah, my thoughts exactly. The antenna cut outs look so bad… asymmetrical and out of place. I really do want the bigger screen as I don’t want to leave the ecosystem as I already paid a lot of cash for apps. On another note, though, this has begun to look a bit too boring and the design elements are already redundant… to me it simply looks like an amalgamation between the iPod Touch 5th Generation, the iPhone 5s and some weird version of the HTC One. I really hope the design turns out a bit different in the end… otherwise I might reconsider replacing my iPhone 5.

    • borntofeel says:

      Exactly. And that white piece around it looks cheap. If it looks something close to this, I indeed believe it’ll be for an iPod touch.

    • rettun1 says:

      I think it’d look good if they went back to the method on the first gen iphone with a Black (or white) plastic bar on the bottom 20% of the device.

  10. Did anyone stop to think for a second that this may just be the iPod Touch??

  11. RP says:

    That’s a VERY detailed mock-up. Who goes through so much trouble? Certainly not for a case design.

  12. bobbell69 says:

    Reblogged this on BobLovesTech and commented:
    Think I’ll still be preferring the black/slate colour though.

  13. nonyabiness says:

    That’s definitely a mock up- and a bad one at that. Look at the greasy nasty screen film- wtf? Take a look at the bottom housing- two screw holes flank the lightning port, one on each side- and then on the left side, there’s a random screw placed by the headphone port? Then there’s the fact that this phone looks like straight up ass- and there’s so much going on- random unnecessary lines everywhere. What has Jony produced lately that would make ANYONE ever suggest that this is what the iPhone will look like? Nope- not made by Apple. It’s just a mock up; therefore, it reveals nothing of the true nature of the upcoming iPhone.

    • nonyabiness says:

      This is probably a mock up Samsung made and “leaked” to make people say- if that’s what the new iphone is going to look like, I may as well just buy a Galaxy S5. Lol

    • LOL about the greasy screen film :D … Apple would never create a screen film that greasy.
      In all the seriousness, though, I think the hole next to the headphone jack is the microphone. Nothing unusual about the screw holes on both sides of the lightning connector port. This mockup confirms a lot of the already leaked schematics and some of the other more believable physical mockups out there. Still… I also think the phone is nothing special to say the least. Too bad they didn’t really use any innovative approaches in the physical design of the product.

      • Innovative approaches in the physical design of the device? How many morons are going to say this every year, is my question? What do you expect them to do ? PLEASE tell us hahaha. Circular, or triangular device?! Yay!

      • Yeah, it will be moronic to even try to explain anything to an idiot like you… who thinks PHYSICAL product design is only related to the exterior shape of the device itself.

  14. Why those people still take such crapy blury pictures today.

  15. those bezels… what is this 2007?

  16. confluxnz says:

    Urgh. Looks hideous. I’m sure Apple will do better than that for the real thing.

  17. Would be great of anytime someone posts photos of the iPhone6, they would ALWAYS post next to a current iPhone 5/5s. And if possible show all three iPhone5, iPhone 6(4.7) and iPhone6 (5.5). Thx much

  18. drtyrell969 says:

    If thats it, Apple’s done.

    • jrox16 says:

      Someone said above that this is probably a mockup made by Samsung LOL. So people will be like “if that’s the next iPhone I might as well get that GS5″. There’s no way the real iPhone 6 will look like this, with those plastic outline dividers top and bottom. Looks awful.

      • What also looks awful is seemingly no reduction in bezel size. The iPhone 6 with a larger screen size, must have reduced bezels or it will be a gigantic device and the bezels will scream wasted space. If the bezels don’t change, I’m 99% sure there will be a 4″ iPhone 6. Sorry, but not everyone will just accept having to have an even larger device after moving to the 4″.

  19. thanks for giving us sour taste after showing this Sh*t, i know apple make devices very very premium, but this mockup is really taking my excitement of iPhone 6 away, please stop doing this.

  20. i really want to punch this man in the face

  21. jonvdveen says:

    To be honest, I’m not a fan of the horizontal “breaks” along the back. Hopefully the actual iPhone 6 will have a cleaner look in the back.

  22. rettun1 says:

    I bet there will still be inlays. Made of Sapphire, most likely. To me it would look much better than how these mock ups look, with the thin white lines

  23. kobymac says:

    I love it how every year when the leaks come out for the iOS updates or the new iPhones, apple fanboys are disgusted. Then when they arrive, exactly as per the leaks, its all suddenly amazing and sexy. I really think it looks too long…they need to get rid of the physical button and if they need to keep the gimmicky fingerprint sensor, incorporate it into the screen.

  24. Riho Kroll says:

    The back looks horrendous. I don’t know why they’ve decided to cut it up into so many pieces.

  25. So apple went with the iPhone 5S back flashlight two tone n now going back to one? i don’t see that happening..

  26. Its sooooo ugly! The 5s is so classy looking and is very high quality looking, this phone looks like an ipod! I was looking forward to it but what disconvinces me is the round edges and the lines on the back. Hopefully apple proves all these mockups wrong.😷😤😖