French site Nowhereelse, which posted photos of a claimed dummy mold of the iPhone 6 a couple of days ago, has now posted new photos and a video of a similar physical mockup said to come from supply-chain sources.

It’s important to note that while this is consistent with earlier claimed leaks, it is often the case that different people copy earlier drawings and photos to create their own versions, so consistency in and of itself isn’t conclusive. We have, though, now seen photosschematics, renderscases and physical mockups which all appear to show a significantly thinner iPod Touch-like design, with curved edges, slimmer volume buttons and a repositioned power switch.

If this is indeed what we can expect from the new iPhone, the majority of 9to5Mac readers who took part in our poll appear to approve, with 73 percent voting in favor of the design.

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9 Responses to “Video posted of iPhone 6 mockup consistent with earlier photos”

  1. That looks thicker there. But none the less I’m very happy with this. Looking at it like that reminds me of the 5C. It’s a big aluminium 5C.

    Can’t wait for mine.


  2. It’s hard to tell but it looks like the single hole by the camera is now elongated to allow for dual flash.


    • Peter Peirce says:

      It stills looks circular to me. Perhaps they’ll add the dual flash as a sort of “halo,” with a central flash as one color and the second flash forming a ring around the first.


  3. My mind xplod. My thumb can no longer go from “here to here” without me adjusting the grip on phone. Mind. Xplod.


  4. Apple please dont do this shit, make the device little wider.


  5. Why to change power button position…. I hate buttons placed opposite there’s always problem to not push power and volume button together….. Thats the only concern…