has posted images of what it claims are iPhone 6 renders aimed at helping manufacturers produce accessories for the upcoming device.

The images appear to be better quality versions of the schematics leaked a few weeks ago. They depict the full-metal backplate with inlets at the top and bottom, assumedly related to the antenna structure. The cutouts for these lines match the image from the previous leaks. Interestingly, the renders also give specific measurements saying that the phone is 138mm in height, 67 mm in width, and 6 mm in depth.

This is slightly taller and wider than the current iPhone 5s, which measures 124 mm by 59 mm. These sizes point to a screen of about 4.7 inches, as suggested many times before. These dimensions mean the iPhone will be similar in size to the Galaxy S5, albeit a tad shorter, for comparison.

Although not entirely clear, the renders seem to suggest that the Home Button may be getting slightly smaller. Unlike the current iPhone, the side edges are more rounded similar to the industrial design of an iPad.

In addition, the images once again show that the power button has been moved to the side. The main mystery of these images is that the dual-LED flash is not present, as the schematics show a return to the typical circular single LED flash shape. In fact, these pictures line up closely with this mockup.

The site posted images of the iPad mini in early October 2012, so has a reasonable track record of accuracy. The fact that these shots line up with the previously leaked schematics (shown below) also helps improve their reliability.


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47 Responses to “iPhone 6 renders supposedly meant for accessory manufacturers leak, claim 6mm thinness”

  1. “Assumedly” is not an English word. You mean “supposedly”?

  2. I like how my next Iphone is gonna look like.

  3. rettun1 says:

    Hmmf. Very strange that recent leaks show a circular flash. Either they managed to fit a two-tone flash in that shape, or they are losing that feature this time around.

    Also it looks like the top and bottom edges will be non-metal, or maybe liquidmetal. Makes for a very uniform back

    • zubeirg87 says:

      They’ve probably found a way to make a single led that has the ability of giving different light temperatures. Hence no more need for dual leds. Probably this one will be also bigger in size to give the adequate light intensity.

      • jtrwallace says:

        I completely agree. And who is to say they don’t just split it down the middle or something? It’s totally like Apple to figure out a way to make something that used to be larger smaller.

    • unaclocker says:

      Seems to me that this is clearly the “6C” model, the cheaper slightly lower budget version. Hence the 4.7″ screen rather than the 5.5″. Being the budget model also explains the weaker flash options.

  4. I don’t like how big the iPhone is going. I like my svelte 5S. I know people are excited about a 4.7″ screen, but I’d rather have the 4″ screen then a phone the size of the SG5. Looks like I’m not going to get what I want though. After all the comparisons and talk of one handed use, giving us a phone the size of the SG5 with a smaller screen and lower PPI is really pushing the bounds of their customer loyalty.

    • me neither.

      say they don’t make a new 4″. what to do?

      • Since pretty much every Android is 4.7″ minimum, you don’t have much choice.

        Seriously though, the new phone is about .4 inches longer and .3 inches wider than the current 5 & 5S. That’s hardly substantially larger.

        And still easily operable with one hand.

      • jrox16 says:

        It’ll be nearly impossible to pull down notification center one handed. My thumb isn’t that long, is yours? Its a stretch now one handed and I’m 6 feet tall so I have average to above average hands. Oh well, 3rd World Problems. ;-)

    • jrox16 says:

      It’s quite likely they will continue to make a 4″ model as long as sales remain strong. If sales tank due to the larger iPhone, then us one handers won’t have a choice. By then, the standard Android phone will be 6″ LOL.

      • zubeirg87 says:

        I’m pretty sure they’ll keep different iphone sizes in the future irrespective of which is old or new. They’ll make new models at different sizes and new internals, just like they made new ipad air and new retina mini with new internals, both almost equally powerful. I think there’ll be 4″, 4.7″ and 5.5″. It seems 4.7″ is midway between 4″ and 5.5″.

    • If they do what they do last year, then the 4″ iPhone will still be available as the “iPhone 6c” which will be last year’s internals in the plastic shell.

      re: Chad Duerkersen saying that all Androids are 4.7″ … this is completely incorrect actually.

      • jrox16 says:

        No flagship Androids are under 4.7″ are they? I think that’s what he was thinking. Those “mini” models of the Galaxy and One are gimped and not equivalent to an iPhone 5S.

      • Yes, brilliant, for anyone who wants a 4″ screen well, you have to get the cheapo device you don’t really want because it isn’t the latest and greatest. Apple will not do that, yes they decided to go away from 3.5″, but 4″ is the absolute maximum for a significant number of people.

      • lycius84 says:

        He said 4.7″ minimum. Not all phones are 4.7″.

    • spinkles343 says:

      I agree. I like the size of my iPhone 5. It fits in my pocket, I can use it with one hand and it’s comfortable. If all this talk is true of bigger iPhones taking over I’ll be hoping my 5 lasts forever.

  5. bobbell69 says:

    Reblogged this on BobLovesTech and commented:
    Looks plausible to me.

  6. rahhbriley says:

    On Dual Flash, I’m guessing it will be implemented via a bullseye style design. One color being in the center, with a ring around it that will be the other.

    The inlets at the top and bottom, supposedly “related to antenna structure” are interesting.

    • zubeirg87 says:

      Till now there hasn’t been a led component that is curcular in shape, with a hole at the centre. One led component that can give different light temperatures look more plausible. Especially since there are already leds that can give a range of colours.

  7. Who was it at Apple that deemed the iPhone has to be ‘one handed use’? That is such idiotic backward thinking for a frickin’ smartphone!

    I could see the ability to operate with one hand if all you were doing was pushing plastic buttons of digits to dial a phone number and that is all.

    But we’re talking about a smart phone with apps from developers that makes the phone’s use infinitely more then just a phone that you ‘dial’ a number. Some apps require two handed use. Probably why you were born with two hands. It is no inconvenience to use two hands to also dial a number. Someone wants a worn out thumb by the time they are 40, great! But if you don’t mind, this 50 something doesn’t mind using two hands to dial a number or to use a third party app if it means a slightly larger screen that is easier on the eyes.

    Now, if I can find out why Apple is so Hell bent on making the phone the thickness of a credit card!

    • Predrag says:

      If I were to use the same tone of voice, I could say it is such an idiotic, backward thinking to force people to use two hands in order to use a phone! Before we the cellphones got small enough, we had to use both hands, which meant you had to stop whatever you were doing, drop whatever you are holding in both hands and use that phone. Only after you’re done using the phone could you resume doing your work.

      Eventually, phones got small enough that you could still continue to use your other hand (for example, to write something down). People who use phablets have discovered that a lot of stuff they could do before cannot be done anymore. One of the most common sights I see on the streets in NYC is people walking with an iPhone in their hand and a bag / briefcase / groceries / small child in the other. One-handed handling of a smartphone is a very common way of interacting with it, and it would be taken away or severely limited, if the screen was too big.

      As for thickness, thinner always looks better (not just phones); we as humans have been conditioned for centuries to think that. Which is why everyone laughed at the Zune (thick as a pack of cigarettes!)…

    • jrox16 says:

      Dude, I use my iPhone one handed much more often than two handed. It’s nice to do many things like browse the internet, check email (not necessarily respond though), play games like Threes, etc, one handed while holding a coffee in the other. It’s a great “feature”.

    • silas681 says:

      Let me think, what might people be doing with the other hand whilst holding a device with a connection to the internet……and a nice high res full colour screen…… Able to play video….hmmmmmm……….

    • Tallest Skil says:

      >> That is such idiotic backward thinking for a friction’ smartphone!

      Yeah! How DARE anyone expect to be able to use their phone in the same way that EVERY SINGLE TELEPHONE BUILT SINCE 1880 HAS OPERATED!

      >>Probably why you were born with two hands.

      Talk about idiotic and backward thinking.

      >>Now, if I can find out why Apple is so Hell bent on making the phone the thickness of a credit card!

      Gee. I wonder why you might need to have less Z axis to a product if you’re going to whine about demanding more X and Y axis. It’s almost as though you’ve never held an object in your life.

  8. Now double that size and make the extra 1/2 ALL BATTERY! sheez

  9. Given that there hasn’t been a single leak of the iPhone 6 that has a pill-shaped LED, and that every single leak we’ve seen shows it as round … isn’t it time we let go of the whole “it can’t be real cause of the lack of the dual-tone flash.” thing??

  10. I’m very intrigued by the aluminum inlay at the top and bottom where the glass inlays formerly would be. They’re no longer really inlays, since they seem to be milled and part of the actual enclosure. And apparently they’re going to have the plastic separator outlining the entire piece, so they can attach the top and bottom sidewalls for the antenna? It seems a little odd to me to have the line outlining that entire inlay piece.

    If the goal was to remove the inlays so the enclosure was a seamless aluminum piece, I’m not so sure it makes much difference if the plastic line is outlining the inlay portion or if there are actual glass inlays. To me, the glass inlays looks more seamless, having the plastic outline that portion just feels more disruptive of the look to me.

    I’ll have to reserve judgement until we see the actual product.

  11. PMZanetti says:

    Like it. Like it, a lot. Very happy about the power button moving to the side. Since its going to be rounded anyway, it won’t get in the way with trying to stand an iPhone on its side…since that will no longer be possible anyway.

    • Wish I knew how to make renderings and concepts so I could have you believing something I completely made up. If you’ve been watching Apple rumors over the years then you would know how much can be faked, could be prototypes, or completely inaccurate information. I see the possibility of it having rounded back edges like the iPad iPod etc., not fully rounded edges, it just sounds like poor design, and I seriously doubt they’re doing that.

      • If you’ve been watching Apple rumors over the years then you would know which rumours are pretty close to reality.

        Back to the rounded edges. I hate them, but they might be opting for these due to some structural issue. Remember, the phone will be 2mm thinner.

        I also hate tapered edges on MacBook. Why I have to be in mild pain every time I use my laptop?

  12. drtyrell969 says:

    At least we know ONE word that won’t be used to describe this phone…INNOVATION.

  13. Notice on the first 2 pics the Apple logo is cut trough! iPhone 6 will feature a plastic and probably glowing Apple logo!!!

  14. confluxnz says:

    New iPhone looks like it will resemble the current iPod. Not a fan of the rounded edges, but will wait and see how it looks / feels. I like smaller screens, have used a Galaxy S4 quite a bit and I hate not being able to use it with one hand. Hopefully thw new iPhone ISN’T actually almost as big as the GS5. That would suck, and will mean that I grab a 5s or put it on layby before they are removed from sale.

  15. Rounded edges is kind of deal breaker for me.

    I had the original iPhone, now 4S. Probably wouldn’t have upgraded if the damn thing wasn’t slipping out of hand so often. I kind of think that tapered edges is the epitome of iPhone design. It makes handling it so much easier.

    I was planning to upgrade 2 years later with 6S, but seems I will have to wait for 7…