has commissioned designer Martin Hajek to mockup the iPhone 6, using the most recent leaks about the upcoming device.

The renders, shown above, use the supposed iPhone cases pictured on Wednesday and leaked schematics from late March to envisage the look of the future iPhone. Naturally, the most striking change is the display, stretching almost edge-to-edge.

Going to an edge-to-edge screen (thereby minimizing the width of the size bezels) means that the physical dimensions of the phone will not get much bigger than the current iPhone 5s design, despite the significant screen-size increase from 4 to roughly 4.7 inches diagonally.

The renders also demonstrate the repositioned sleep/wake button, which is located on the right side in this interpretation. As expected, the renders also show a dramatically thinner profile, expected to be about 20% thinner than the current generation of iPhone.

The back of the device is also visible, ditching the two-tone design used on the iPhone 5 and 5s. If these renders turn out to be accurate, the iPhone 6’s rear will look like one piece of metal with two small ridges on the top and bottom of the backplate.

Note, however, that the flash is not dual-LED like the 5s. This has fuelled some recent speculation that the next-generation iPhone depicted in these mockups is actually the successor to the iPhone 5c, not the 5s. Aside from the standard flash, this theory does not yet hold much weight however. 

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20 Responses to “iPhone 6 renders based on recent case leaks show off rumored edge-to-edge screen”

  1. 방창배 says:

    not bad not good


  2. Andrew Turko says:

    Looks super nice without the case, with the case it’s ugly.


  3. By home button they obviously meant sleep/wake button, right? My heart jumped a little when I read that, wouldn’t have made any sense to move the home button to the right. But the pics indeed show the sleep/wake button on the right side. Which would be an understandable change actually.


  4. If “Tips” will really be an app on our iOS 8 home screen, that just has to be proof we can at least hide the bundled apps.


  5. rogifan says:

    Um, this render doesn’t match the leaked front panel we saw which had small size bezels and symmetrical top and bottom bezels. What’s the purpose of reporting on renders that don’t appear to be based in reality?


  6. docselvaraj says:

    On and Off button changed ???????


  7. Stetson says:

    “The renders also demonstrate the repositioned Home Button, which is located on the right side in this interpretation.”

    *Power/lock button


  8. It’s the Sleep/Wake button that is repositioned, not the Home Button


    • So many tech sites are misreporting this, that I have no idea which button is actually moving where anymore. Some are saying the power button is moving, some the sleep/wake, some say left, some say right. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone make the home button mistake.

      We should probably be using port and starboard instead of left and right for starters, at least then we’d be using the same terminology.


  9. I’d buy this one. I actually like the way the 5c feels in hand. 5s is good too but the 5c just feels better to hold IMHO. And thank goodness they’ll move the sleep/wake button to the right side. Its a good placement for larger screen phones. HTC misses this point.


  10. Well they definitely got the battery life right.


  11. notsodailycrystal says:

    Reblogged this on CRYSTAL.A and commented:


  12. bezel should be little lesser, but so far this is the best rendering


  13. That’s really quite ugly IMO.

    The good news is that if you look at Martin Hajek’s entire body of work you quickly realise that he is not only wrong about every render/prediction he has ever made, he also “doesn’t do reality” in the sense of being more concerned with *his* idea of what the devices *should* look like, than he is of recreating what they actually might look like.

    Here for instance he has taken great licence with the leaked parts pictures and makes the side bezel alms disappear, when we know from the schematics as well as the leaked image of the front plate that the side bezels while smaller, are still almost as large as they are now.


    • To go further … all the case leaks and photos of parts indicate that the phone will have straight sides, chamfered edges and a flat back, exactly like current the iPad Air and iPad mini. However, if you look at one of the only renders this guy has made *without* a case on it, you can see that he has made the sides balloon out so that the phone is much wider side to side than the front face is all by itself. There is no basis for thinking this will be the case and it makes no sense at all to narrow the side bezel on the front plate but widen the phone overall.

      These renders have nothing to do with the leaks really, it’s just Hajek’s “vision” again.


      • Probably just grabbed a previous design file and quickly modified it based on the rumored iPhone 6 cases so he could be the first to post his designs, hoping they would be picked up by the Mac news sites. And if that is the case, he was certainly successful. But at least these renderings are better looking than most of the android clones.


  14. drtyrell969 says:

    And if this makes you wet, I’ve got TI-994a for sale!


  15. 0nmysoapb0x says:

    Odd. That render looks suspiciously like my new HTC One, except for the single-lens camera and NSA-ready fingerprint reader. The back looks nearly identical including the lines at top and bottom, very narrow bezel, same shape to the upper and lower front face… Which is to say it looks good and Im sure millions of teens will irritate their parents into buying it as soon as it becomes available. :-)


  16. Tallest Skil says:

    I’m completely mixed about this.

    1. This mockup (based on absolutely nothing whatsoever that we even can hint at knowing) hearkens back to the 1st gen’s curved sides, which I’ve loved for seven years.
    2. Except that the 4/5/S/S’ design of straight, flat sides is better aesthetically and in use.
    3. The curve, coupled with a rumored screen that is already too large to be used as a phone creates a final device that is even tooer largerer toer beer useder aser aer phoner, which is bad.


  17. markroder says:

    It looks cheap. Emulating the iPod touch is not a design win. The bulging sides look ugly, and not very Ive; a curved taper reducing from the font to the back, with a chamfered top edge, seem more likely.