iP6-021 iP6-01

Just found these iPhone 6 dummy prototypes on a Japanese case-maker website. They obviously look bigger than the current line and would be used by the case community to have units ready when the iPhone 6 launches.

Some of the rumored specs:

  • Two sizes – 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches
  • Screens made entirely out of sapphire crystal
  • Pixel density of 441 pixels per inch, from the current 326 ppi display
  • There will be optical image stabilisation for the 8 megapixel camera
  • f/1.8 aperture lens – an improvement over the iPhone 5s’ current f/2.2 lens
  • New 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard
  • Pressure, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Possibly a solar power charger built into the screen

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8 Responses to “First iPhone 6 Dummy Prototypes show up”

  1. danbridgland says:

    No pill shaped LED flash… Seems unlikely given the song and dance over the dual flash on the 5s


  2. zubeirg87 says:

    That dummy prototype seems to be the 5.5″ version of the next iPhone.


    • Actually, it’s pretty clearly the 4.7″ phone, not the 5.5″.

      It’s worth noting also, that despite blogs like this one constantly pushing it, there has been absolutely no physical evidence and no photographic evidence so far to indicate that the 5.5″ iPhone even exists. No one has seen one, no one has tested one, no one has seen a mock-up, nor a dummy nor a case for it either. All we have are verbal rumours that “someone heard,” that it was being made.

      Its really quite likely that we won’t see anything but the 4.7″ iPhone, at least this year and we might never see a bigger 5.5″ phone at all.


      • zubeirg87 says:

        Thx, got your point. However, based on this dummy, I personally am concerned whether Apple will maintain one-handed usability of the iPhone, as they took pride over when launching the iPhone 5 at only 4″. I actually appreciated it. For me all phones need to be usable with one hand. A phone cannot require both your hands all the time, as is the case with phablets. It’s not ergonomic!

        May be comparing a smartphone and a tablet could be similar to comparing a car and a motorbike. The car offers space and comfort for several passengers, while being quite big. The motorbike offers space only for 2, but offers an agility the car cannot because of its big size. How about making a motorbike that can hold a rider and 2 passengers at the back? It does not offer the agility a normal motorbike offers anymore. It’s no longer practical. It won’t allow you to go in between cars to escape traffic jam. On top of it, it does not have the comfort of a car. You might better use a normal car instead. This is what I think of phablets. They are not best at anything. They are not as handy as normal smartphone because they are too big. And while being big, they are by far not as useful as a tablet.

        I hope Apple never does a phablet, and keeps the iPhone a size that will still be usable with one hand. For me the max size should be 4.5″. But we’ll which way they go.


  3. Just did the math on this picture (assuming this is the real deal, which is doubtful:
    – based on the render of this picture, the screen size will be around 4,63″
    – if that’s true, assuming a ppi of 441, the resolution must be around 1780×1000 pixels
    – if all of this is true, the resolution of the 5,5″-version must be around 2100×1180 pixels (@ 5,46″)

    That’s as far as my math goes, I highly doubt this is true.


    • I did some math as well, so to confirm/add:
      – The pictured prototype indeed seems to have a screen size of around 4,64″
      – I also figured out the same resolution with the mentioned PPI. However, If they could ramp up the PPI to about 476, it would have a Full-HD resolution (1920×1080), perfect for steaming HD movies. That makes much more sense to me.
      – A 5,5″ version with a PPI of 476 would have a resolution of around 2290 x 1280

      For the smaller phone, this would mean all current (4″ ready) apps can be scaled up by 69% to work fullscreen (no bars) on the new device, and this means almost all current apps will be compatible (although an update to boost the resolution would be a good idea) right from the start.
      Also, if Apple would ever decide to make a wider (16:9) iPad(like device), it would probably have the same resolution and be compatible with all those new apps…


  4. georgehan4 says:

    Fake. If you look closely, the camera is not aligned with the corner radius of the case (the iPhone 4’s camera is perfectly co-centric, while the 5/5s is slightly off, but not by this much). Also the speaker cutout is not vertically centered. Apple pays attention to detail.


    • zubeirg87 says:

      I also noticed that. If you look closely, you’ll also see that the front camera is right that the top edge of the phone, while it is just in the middle of the speaker cut-out and the edge in iphone 5/5s. This can’t be right. Anyway, good it is fake, I really disliked that dummy.