The newest reports from Taiwanese media indicate that the iPhone 6 could possibly be revealed in August, not September. According to these rumors, the smaller, 4.7-inch model could be available for purchase the same month, with the larger 5.5-inch version going on sale in September—the month in which most rumors had originally predicted the reveal.

As we’ve previously reported, the next iPhone will likely be available in two versions, each with a different size screen larger than the current 4-inch iPhone 5s. Both phones will feature sapphire displays, which Apple recently began manfucaturing in China using sapphire crystal processed at its new Mesa, AZ facility.

The new phones are also expected to ship with a new version of Apple’s iOS software, which will be announced at WWDC this June. The new software will feature a brand-new health- and fitness-focused application called Healthbook. Other changes include a standalone iTunes Radio app, improved mapping and transit data, new iCloud development tools, tweaks to Notification Center and Messages, and more.

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31 Responses to “4.7″ iPhone 6 could be available in August, 5.5″ model in September”

  1. If the 5.5 inch rumors turn out to be true, I’ll just plain wet my pants!

  2. Consumers don’t want a 5.5″ iPhone. I hope Apple doesn’t make the mistake of breaching 5 inches with its iPhone line of products.

  3. macsilvio says:

    At last one good news ! 👍👍👍

  4. I say BS, both will be in September if there are in fact two models,
    iOS 8 beta testing wouldn’t be done by August,

    And why have two iPhone events? Will be a waste of time for apple and press media.

    • Beta testing for iOS 8 could be done by August if the rumors are true saying 8.0 will have some key features (for the new hardware) and refinements, with the majority of features coming later this year with 8.1. Although .1 releases usually have some neat features, the .0 release should really feel like a finished product otherwise it’d be very un-Apple.

    • Stetson says:

      They would both be announced at the same event even if they ship a few weeks apart. This happened with the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina last year.

      I’ve noticed that these release dates based on looking at the supply chain tend to be earlier than the actual release date since Apple ramps up production farther in advance of announcement/release than just about any other company. An event in September with releases in September and October makes more sense.

      • PMZanetti says:

        Going off historical precedent, everything THIS year has in fact indicated that the launch may be sooner than September. That’s just a guess based on the amount and quality of leaks and the pace at which it seems to be moving. These tends to leak later when manufacture ring doesn’t start until June/Julyish.

      • Stetson says:

        Around this time last year we had actual part leaks of the iPhone 5 rear case:

        I’d say we’re on about the same schedule as last year.

        There are a lot more decent-quality “dummy” models showing up this year based on mockups and leaked “schematics”, but I would attribute that to a better ability to produce physical mockups (3D printed?) rather than more information being leaked.

      • rettun1 says:

        Keep in mind PMZ that these leaks are models that people made based off schematics floating around. None of these are yet off of the manufacturing line

    • mikhailt says:

      1. Apple have released iOS updates in the past that wasn’t ready, look at iOS 7.x for 64-bit devices. It only took them 6 months to fix it properly with the iOS 7.1 update. They weren’t going to delay the iPad 6 months just to make sure iOS is ready for it. The same will happen here.
      2. If Apple is truly focusing on OS X this year, the iOS might be put on the backburner for a few months, which means iOS 8 would be a minor update with some optimization work continued from iOS 7.1 rather than major feature changes. In fact, if I was Apple, I’d release 7.2 instead and release 8.0 later this year (the rumored 8.1 update mentioned here should be 8.0).
      3. Nobody said anything about two iPhone events. If Apple decides not to reveal the new iPhones at WWDC, then they’ll do a single media event in August instead of Sept to reveal those two iPhones with two different pre-order dates.
      4. iOS 8 beta test will start after WWDC, in the first week of June. That gives apple 2-3 full months to get it out by end of August. However, the less work they do on iOS 8, the less testing is needed.

    • Criti Kil says:

      True but I don’t think they’ll have two separate events, just two different launch dates like they did with the iPhone 5S and 5C. The 5C was made available weeks before the 5S was purchasable..

  5. i really wish they will announce the 4.7 inch iPhone next month at WWDC!!!

  6. I’m hoping The larger iPhone have some key differences besides screen size, where’s this magic ipen they have a patent for? Or what’s all the 3D patents for? I hope they just don’t make a phone just with a larger screen .

  7. that mockup image at the top is incredibly thin. i would guess i could get two folds out of it… three on a good day.

  8. Will be VERY interested in seeing what they do price wise with these. I suppose we might hear a little later on what storage capacity will be, interested in that one also.

  9. Subsidized pricing usually depends on fulfilling your two year contract. Many of those who jump on the new hardware in the previous September cycle, won’t be eligible for a new subsidized phone until this September. For PR purposes August may not produce the astronomical sales numbers a new device requires in our competitive market. September seems a safer bet.

    • mikhailt says:

      You do realize 4th quarter is: 1 July 2014 – 30 September 2014.

      Releasing further into that quarter means less $ they report for the quarter. If they want a huge quarter, they’d be better off waiting until Oct 1st, which goes up to Dec 31st.

  10. Jack Gnasty says:

    There won’t be a 2nd new form factor in the same year. If there was a 5.5″ in the works, where are the leaks for it? There are none. For answers to the future, look to the past… Apple has tested multiple models in the past, only to move forward with one. I am sure both sizes were tested and the 4.7″ won out. No 5.5″ this year. If you disagree with me, bookmark this post and we’ll have another chit chat in September.

  11. writebenny says:

    What wallpaper is that?? Link? I really like it.

  12. I was a little torn on the rumors of a giant iPhone, but i can see the reasoning now for consumers here in the States.

    Baby Boomers = huge amount of aging people, need bigger screen for reading purposes.