Hitman Absolution, the latest full-length installment in IO Interactive’s popular Hitman franchise, is today arriving for Mac users as a download on the Mac App Store and elsewhere.

Become Agent 47, a genetically-engineered killer, and use your skill and ingenuity to turn assassination into an art. With extraordinary reflexes, creative stealth techniques and a powerful arsenal of weapons at your fingertips, pulling off the perfect hit has never been so much fun.

The release is the “Elite Edition,” which means you’ll also get all previously released add-on content that has been released since the game first hit game consoles in 2012.

The game is available to download on the Mac App Store now for $28.99. A Steam Play compatible version of the game is also available for $25 from Feral Interactive’s website and Steam.

Earlier this year Square Enix released a turn-based strategy version of Hitman for the iOS devices.

More Mac and iOS game deals over at 9to5Toys

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4 Responses to “Hitman Absolution – Elite Edition now available for Mac”

  1. vkd108 says:

    Dial a Hitman


  2. Are there cheat keys in this game?


  3. Really lags alot, at some point it sometimes freezes and then get back to normal. Even if you downgrade the graphic settings, they doesn’t help much at all.