There’s been much speculation about Apple’s plans for its sapphire glass plant, with many suggesting it will use it as a replacement for the Gorilla Glass coatings used on current iPhones when it launches the iPhone 6.

Samsung and LG now reportedly plan to follow suit, with Korean site ET News citing unspecified industry sources as saying that both companies have asked suppliers to provide samples of sapphire covers for its screens … 

According to the industry on May 22, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics recently asked ingot and wafer makers to submit samples in an effort to adopt the sapphire cover glass […]

“As late as last year, cell phone makers tried very hard to lower the price of sapphire,” said a sapphire ingot industry insider. “But this year as the mood swung toward using good materials to get premium prices, related industries are responding to the market more actively.”

As rumors go, this one is pretty thin. Samsung is known to have explored the use of sapphire in the past, dismissing it as too expensive, and it is likely the decision remains under constant review. Inviting manufacturers to submit samples would therefore not be in any way surprising, and doesn’t necessarily tell us anything about either company’s plans.

But where Apple leads …

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25 Responses to “Shocker: Samsung & LG rumored to use sapphire-covered screens on premium smartphones”

  1. Samsung and premium smartphones are mutually exclusive.


  2. Sadly they’ll probably beat Apple to market. Not sure apple being rumoured to do something can be called leading.


    • Tallest Skil says:

      >> Not sure apple being rumored to do something can be called leading.

      Because it was their idea, their R&D, their manufacturing process, and their patents.


    • Rumored? Um, I’m pretty sure Apple spent over $500 million to build a huge factory with state of the art sapphire manufacturing processes, just to make this whole thing a reality. Their factory will be capable of producing 2x the entire worlds production capacity. In a single factory. That’s not just some rumor wet dream, thats real innovation and leadership.

      The factory is real you know. Its not rumored. You could go and get a job there if you were actually intelligent enough to be involved with engineering and production.


      • herb02135go says:

        And how can we get one of these Apple-produced sapphire objects? Oh, you can’t?
        Then I guess saying what Apple is doing regarding this is just speculation.

        Yes, you can say the company spent a lot of money on it but you have no idea what it will do. Right now, it’s just a money pit.


      • dridots says:

        It’s in Mesa Arizona and they contracted them…not bought


      • Tim Jr. says:

        @dridots Technically, they plopped $500 million down in a partnership.. Meaning they have rights to the processes and equipment in the plant.. They basically directly built the plant and custom built the processes and equipment and are handing it over for their partners to manage.


    • dcj001 says:

      If Samsung copies Apple, with regard to a rumor about what Apple might be planning to do, then they are following, which means that the rumor is leading.


  3. Yeaahhh, just copy it, end of story lol


  4. David Tan says:

    whenever apple is rumor-ing something, their competitors will catch them up.


  5. herb02135go says:

    As this biased article states, Samsung has previously explored using Sapphire. Now that there is a RUMOR (not a fact) how can that be considered copying?

    It’s not at all unusual for industry standards to evolve. Of course many fanboys here may not be familiar with that concept.


  6. Much original. Such wow.


  7. danbridgland says:

    All you Shamedung fanboys remind me of the game changer naysayers of the late naughties. Totally in denial. Anyone remember Mike Lazaridis, Stephen Elop? Nah!


  8. Apple is damn good, they create the best product ever with steve jobs. I’m not sure with the other products


  9. Of course they are. Their strategy is based not in their own design reasoning or belief, but on deny as many points of differentiation as possible. Even as a consumer I find their approach suffocating. To Apple they are like a crazed stalker. If I change my hair blue, and the next day exit through the back door, my heart sinks as 2 mins later, there’s crazy, following me round with matching blue hair.


  10. I guess I missed the shocking part…


  11. i2fun says:

    Samsung has actually had phones with Sapphire Screens before & been monitoring it’s use & prices. Android Vertu was the 1st to use actual Sapphire screens in the 90’s. Their latest $10,000 to 16,000 Dollar phones all have Platinum cases and sapphire screens still!