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KGI research has published a new report that claims Apple will incorporate its Touch ID fingerprint sensor into all new iOS devices launched in 2014. This includes both new iPhone models, and the next versions of the full-size iPad an its ‘mini’ counterpart.

The note also states that Touch ID sensor shipments will increase by 233% this year, which would certainly make sense if the technology was going to be added to so many new devices. According to the report, these new sensors will be made more durable than the current version through the use of tin:

We think Apple will opt for tin, versus previously used chemicals, for Touch ID module packaging of new iOS devices in order to boost durability. That is, it should procure Japan Unix’s laser welding equipment for packaging.

Touch ID has been a rumored and expected addition to the entire iOS family since it debuted on the iPhone 5s last year.

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36 Responses to “KGI: Every new iOS device this year will be equipped with Touch ID, sensors to be more durable”

  1. Touch ID on the Magic Mouse. *mindblown*


  2. Seriously? I have a raised stick-on button over mine. It’s a gimmick. You waste more time setting it up and fixing it twice a week with new scans then just typing in your password. It’s purely a gimmick. Get rid of it. OR, made it freaking work properly for people in dry regions where we get cracked and flaky finger prints.


    • I’ve had mine months and i have never had an issue with it, ever. Never rescanned since day one. I scanned both thumbs day 1 and it responds to either hand regardless of angle or anything. It just works.


      • irelandjnr says:

        He set it up wrong. I’ve seen it with my nephew. The secret is to very carefully and accurately follow the set up instructions. It mostly happens to impatient people in set up.


      • Tim Jr. says:

        Works great for me as well.. Ive noticed it doesn’t work well for those that use a lot of lotion or other lubricants.. they mess up the detection process. ;)


    • Leo Bonilla says:

      I must use Touch ID at least 60+ times a day easily — I look at my phone a lot and I’m not exaggerating that number. And in the entire duration of a week, I maybe it have it fail twice a week if that.

      I think it works INCREDIBLY well given how small its footprint is on a device. Even the fingerprint scanner at my jobs takes up much more space on a wall and longer to scan me in.

      I’ve scanned my thumbs twice each — perhaps that makes it easier to recognize me. But I think the technology is excellent.


    • Mike Sabino says:

      Bought 5S for my parents. They both have extremely cracked brittle and dry fingertips. Had a tiny bit of a problem at the beginning. But, all we did was save 2 versions of the same finger for each parent. After this, it’s worked seamlessly and quickly, without issue since December.


    • rogifan says:

      Maybe you have a bad device. I live in Minnesota and my 5S works flawlessly.


    • I had the same issue until I did the update, works 100% now.


    • nonyabiness says:

      I only have an issue when my hands are wet or extremely cold. I haven’t had to rescan my fingerprints ever. Touch ID is no gimmick. Either it’s hardware, and you’ll need to take the phone in to be serviced, or it’s user error, and you’ll need to calibrate it correctly. When you calibrate it, make sure you vary the position of your finger quite a bit each time you place it on the screen during recognition mode.


    • 9to5savio says:

      TouchID is my FAVORITE thing about the iPhone 5s. Its so fast and so much more convenient (and secure) than a 4 digit code is. And it is MUCH more convenient than a good alpha-numeric password. Its intuitive and for most people works >90% of the time with the rest requiring just 1 extra press. I bet that same number of people accidentally type in a 4 digit code wrong.


    • Why, do you troll so hard? Why do you keep coming back to this site day after day if you don’t like it? I’ve even seen the authors of the articles call you out for trolling before. Come on. Like, they even have 9TO5GOOGLE for you and everything.


  3. The first smart rumor this year that I agree with, was hoping they did this last year when they updated the iPads, seems like they opted to draw it out though or decided to make the iPhone 5s the test device before they opted to scale up to all devices.


  4. rogifan says:

    Every iOS device? Does that include a new iPod touch?


  5. Touch ID on the Apple TV. Nice…


  6. Now that I know Touch ID is going to be installed onto the new iPads I’ll going to make sure to sell my old one for cash and use the money for the new coming in a few months.

    FYI: While google searching I found this site called RecomHub. It was like a KAYAK site but for reselling your Apple devices. It compared all the companies that will buy back your iPad or iPhone and shows the highest offer.

    It was really cool and easy to use. As an Apple fan boy, I highly recommend the site & can’t wait for the new Apple line comes out with Touch ID


  7. 2112entropy says:

    Works good but needs to be applicable to more than just unlock and iTunes.


  8. John Smith says:

    Touch ID is an excellent system for the casual security most ordinary people need.

    Too many people have no security at all – no password, no PIN. It’s a no brainer that Touch ID is a big upgrade in security for people who have previously found any type of access control too much of an inconvenience.

    Anyone who has serious secrets on that iPad should be using a strong password or a 9-10 digit PIN.


  9. drtyrell969 says:

    Nothing makes a mobile device more durable than a good helping of Draconian Tyranny!


  10. cacema1987 says:

    Touch ID works fine. The problem is you have to set a 4 number password in case it doesn’t work. It makes the 5s as secure as any other iPhone. Hope the tecnology evolves to the point of no password, or maybe a 4 digit to use as a guest mode? That way other people can use your phone and some of your apps (you choose) with seccurity.


  11. gibear2k5 says:

    Touch ID on the Apple TV remote for purchases would be pretty cool…