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In addition to announcing a trio of new Android tablets, AT&T has also announced that it is expanding its GoPhone prepaid plans to support a handful of tablets, including the iPad mini and iPad 3. The GoPhone plans work by purchasing a $10 GoPhone SIM Kit then choosing a pre-paid data plan for your device. For $15/mo you’ll get 250MB of data and 100MB of additional data can be purchased for $10 each. $30 a month will get you 3GB and 500MB of additional data will run you $10. Finally, $50 per month will get you 5GB of data, with each additional GB costing $10.

You can read the full list of compatible tablets on AT&T’s website. It’s odd that the iPad mini with Retina and iPad Air aren’t compatible with those prepaid GoPhone data plans. Most likely, however, it’s due to AT&T wanting to keep the GoPhone name associated with older and lower-end devices. With the recent deals we’ve been seeing on the iPad mini, it’s looking more and more appealing each day, especially when paired with somewhat affordable data.

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3 Responses to “AT&T expands GoPhone prepaid plans to tablets, iPad mini and iPad 3 supported”

  1. Rigor Mortis says:

    if you take any unlicked cellular tablet and activate it inside the AT&T store, they will give you the sim for free. there is no reason to fall for this stupid iPad 3 only deal. don’t get ripped off by AT&T into paying $10 for a sim card you can get for free.


  2. “For $15/mo you’ll get 250MB” — Just to go T-Mobile and get 200MB free a month for life! AT&T will never learn.