Apple has made a few new changes to its first-party voice and text services in the newest versions of its mobile and desktop operating systems. Some users are reporting that iOS 8 now features the ability to create conference FaceTime Audio calls. Previously FaceTime audio calls could only be made from one user to another, but now you can add additional users to a call in progress.

OS X Yosemite sports a new addition to its iMessage capabilities. While screen sharing has always been possible over alternative services like AIM, Apple now allows you to use the built-in screen sharing feature in the Messages app over an iMessage account. Unfortunately the feature seems to be broken in the first Yosemite beta, but it is expected to be functional by the time the software ships.

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19 Responses to “OS X Yosemite introduces iMessage screen sharing, FaceTime Audio conference calls with iOS 8”

  1. Lee Palisoc says:

    Still hoping for conference FaceTime video calls.


  2. I am beginning to see lots of things coming back that we once had and went away, … temporary I suppose … Now I see why it went away . . . to be built back up stronger and better than ever before. Looking forward to the future with great optimism!

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  3. whats next, FaceTime group calling, but in WWDC2015


  4. Screen sharing is back!!! At least easier than now


  5. jerimacaronion says:

    I wish I have a macbook


  6. Alex King says:

    This is awesome news. I wonder if it will allow to actually send the computer’s audio in the screen share. That’s a big missing piece from all services.


  7. trailblazer1 says:

    Anything might be better than Mavericks . . .


  8. you can download it right now


  9. screen sharing has been in ichat before! i was using it a lot since u could easily repair ur parents macbook with it. or just lecture them how to use certain programs.
    in general it is ridiculous how apple handles messaging and video chats!
    they could have been way bigger than whatsapp before in melting iMessage with FaceTime. get some group video and audio chats running. maybe you could melt or integrate email better into iMessage and cooperate more with Facebook to sync the contacts and all the message by request of the user of course.
    most importantly bring out iMessage on ALL PLATFORMS!!! the biggest hurdle for using their service is that they only got a market share of 20% or less in most countries so chances are pretty high that everybody is using whatsapp.
    but when walt mosberg asks eddy cue why they are not doing it, he responds “hey at least we integrated iMessage in the ams app what we cannot do on the other platforms”….apple is good at many things but they will never understand social networks!


  10. I suppose he implies conference calls in iChat.


  11. Screen sharing…“iDisk”… Screen sharing was possible over iChat.


  12. Screen sharing never went away, it’s present in the Messages app and always has been (since the iChat days). What’s new here is the ability to use it with iMessage account holders.