According to a new MacG report, Apple is planning to debut a spec bump for the iMac lineup next week. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear these will be the Retina iMacs that have appeared in recent OS X beta builds. Instead, it seems we’re only due for a slight processor speed increase, with each model gaining only 100 MHz.

The report speculates that the new models could include a new and improved Thunderbolt 2 connection, but there doesn’t seem to be any confirmation of that at this time. MacG accurately predicted the most recent MacBook Air refresh, so it’s a safe bet that these iMacs are coming next week. We’ve heard similar whispers at 9to5Mac as well.

A slight spec bump is probably not what users are looking for most in an updated iMac, and while we know Apple is working on Retina models, it doesn’t seem they’ll be hitting the market any time soon. On the upside, MacG also notes that there’s a possibility of a price decrease with this refresh.

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6 Responses to “iMac reportedly getting a spec bump next week, but no Retina model yet”

  1. Seems very silly to spec bump now and not have one that includes the 4.0 4.4 turbo haswell refresh june 25th.


  2. rettun1 says:

    Price decrease = rumored cheaper imac?


  3. So I just ordered a 21 inch iMac last week. Still hasn’t arrived, but can’t cancel. Does Apple have a policy regarding returns when they immediately obsolete a product you just bought?


  4. Any idea when these iMacs will be available in Australia? is it worth waiting for this slightly improved version?