Following the discovery of reference to new iMac models in OS X, Macbidouille has found code in the new OS X Yosemite developer preview that points to Retina resolutions for the yet to be announced product. Specifically, the file points to scaled resolution modes like those available for Retina MacBooks including, according to the report, 6400 x 3600 (probably a 3200×1800 HiDPI), 5760×3240 (2880×1620 HiDPI) 4096×2304 (2048×1152 HiDPI) resolutions. The report notes that the native resolution of the machine appears to be missing from the file as it only lists resolution of the various scaling modes.

Much like the Retina MacBook Pro with a native resolution of 2880 x 1800 is capable of scaling assets at 3840 x 2400 down to 1920 x 1200 and producing sharper, clearer images in the process, the report speculates the 6400 x 3600 resolution would be scaled down to 200×1800 HiDPI. 

Apple has long been testing Retina resolution iMacs and rumors last year and earlier this year suggested the company could also release a new lower-cost iMac sometime this year. Apple last refreshed its iMac lineup in September of last year adding updated processors and more storage at the same price point with the same slim, redesigned exterior introduced in the previous generation. Apple’s current iMac lineup includes a 27-inch model with a resolution of 2560-by-1440 and a 21.5-inch model with a resolution of 1920-by-1080. 

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11 Responses to “Retina iMac references discovered in OS X Yosemite code”

  1. 4K Thunderbolt Display inbound?


  2. This better be true! I’ve been waiting 2 years to buy a new iMac, once the screen is no longer outdated.


  3. bfredit says:

    21″ -> 27″ = 6″ difference, 600px difference = 1″ ≈ 100px
    Therefore 3200×1800 HiDPI means at least a 30″/32″.
    Regardless of retina, that resolution is *ing huge!


  4. avieshek says:

    Now, that’s called a resolution.
    I hope one day, the Retina MacBook Pro feature these resolution in their screen, the 13, 15 & the 17 inches.


  5. Alex Lee says:

    Retina iMacs with 21-27″ retina displays..that’ll pave way for a 17-inch Retina MacBook Pro then because that will prove retina display-making capability showing that Apple can make retina displays at any size so with retina iMac means that Apple might as well make a 17-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display because that is also in demand by many professional users. Great idea Apple for retina iMac and 17-inch Retina MacBook Pro!:)


  6. These are not new resolutions as those are already avail for any 4k monitor connected to a thunderbolt2 mac running Maverick 10.9.3. Question is how it is referenced to and what new model.


  7. It sounds great and should look great but honestly… my iMac screen is great already. I also have a retina MacBook Pro and I have no problem or issue switching between the two. The iMac screen is far enough away that I can’t make out pixels anyways. On the other hand it is a big difference between my MacBook Pro and on-retina versions. Same with the older iPads and retina versions. However for the iMac, it seems more like the megapixel chase that digital cameras were (still?) going through.


  8. Maybe a misprint above ?
    Quote : ” would be scaled down to 200×1800 ”
    should possible read ”
    ” would be scaled down to 2880 ×1800 “