Ringly Pink-Sapphire

New startup Ringly seeks to help solve a problem that many busy women have: missing important phone calls, texts or notifications because they cannot hear their phone go off in their purse, or find the phone quickly enough to get to it. Personally, I’ve run into this problem several times.

Ringly’s solution looks like an ordinary fashionable ring, but is actually a high-tech smart ring that can notify users of incoming messages, notifications, phone calls, and more.

RinglyApp-Connect (2)

The Ringly app will support iOS and Android devices at launch and pair with the Ringly hardware over Bluetooth LE. Through the app you can customize the light and vibration patterns for different kinds of notifications. The ring can notify you when you are receiving a text, phone call, calendar alert, email, or third-party notification, and can even alert you if you leave your phone behind.

The ring’s battery lasts for three days on a full charge. The ring itself is made out of 18 karat gold with semi-precious stones available in black onyx, emerald, pink sapphire, and rainbow moonstone.

Ringly Launch Collection

Ringly co-founder and CEO Christina Mercando said, “Our goal is to create products that are both stylish and useful, that women will be proud to wear. We believe that the future of wearables is in building discreet technology that integrates seamlessly into your life and makes your day-to-day easier. The more I use my Ringly, the more it’s like a personal assistant telling me what to do – plus there’s something so fun about having my jewelry talk to me!”

Today, Ringly is launching its pre-sales campaign with early bird pricing at $145 for the ring. It will be available in sizes 6, 7 and 8. Ringly is made up of eBay, Etsy, and FIT alums and have received funding from First Round Capital, Andreessen-Horowitz and PCH.

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14 Responses to “Ringly introduces new iPhone-connected smart ring”

  1. Actually for this very same reason, missing calls / text because the iPhone is in my pocket/on silent, I purchased a Pebble Steel. So I can see where this will come in handy for women because the Pebble just isn’t sexy at all and most of their demographics are men.


  2. From a design perspective, it would’ve made more sense if the stone on top illuminated the corresponding color for a text or a notification, it’s going to be annoying looking for a little light on the sides of a ring, who does that??


  3. Marc Greer says:

    Interesting idea but it would have been better if the gemstone lit up instead of the light coming out of a small hole on the side.


  4. irelandjnr says:

    Ringly to me is a simple and useful product idea for those who’d rather not wear a watch: i.e. a Pebble or an iWatch.


  5. Mike Gorman says:

    Hey, I came up with this idea years ago… and promptly did nothing about it (though mine was an idea for a broach). And, much more importantly, and this is a necessity in a ring, too. It NEEDS to vibrate. If not, I think it might fail.

    If this takes off, there will be a lot of women that will look like superheroes out there.


  6. togetherinparis says:

    Great! So long as it has lots of LEDs inside it that can be turned on/off at will! Sparkle is what diamonds are for, after all. LEDs sparkle, too.


  7. This is absolutely brilliant. Going to be a huge success for sure.


  8. grnbills says:

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  9. What if I wanted one? I guess I can put in my pinky finger? Ringly shouldn’t exclude men. Some men are flamboyant, metrosexual, or just do not care.


  10. I got one on pre-order! very excited to receive it.