World-Cup-BBCThe 2014 FIFA World Cup is officially kicking off today and, while Google might have you covered for updates through search or Google Now, you’ll need one of a few other iOS apps if you plan on streaming live audio or video of all the upcoming games. Head below for our full list of options for video and audio including options for both those in the US and abroad. Most on the list below have streams on TV and online, but you’ll need to download some apps if you want to tune in on your iPhone or iPad:

US: For video you’ll need to download the WatchESPN apps, which will require you to sign into a supported cable provider to access all 64 games being streamed live on the network. That includes streams in English, Portuguese and Korean, but for a Spanish broadcast Univision has streams also available through its app for iPhone and iPad. Support cable providers for Univision include AT&T, Bright House, DirecTV, Optimum, Cox, Dish, Time Warner Cable and Verizon.

If audio will suffice, iTunes Radio is live streaming games from the ESPN station and TuneIn Radio is aggregating all 64 games from ESPN Radio in its iPhone and iPad app.

UK: The BBC and ITV will be broadcasting the games in the UK, which will also be available in their iOS apps including the iPlayer BBC app and the ITV Player app for iPhone and iPad.

Australia: SBS On Demand will have the games to watch in its iOS apps for Australia, but it doesn’t appear to be offering live streams.

Canada: CBC has all 64 games live through its iOS app and doesn’t require users to sign into a cable provider.

A full list of who has broadcasting rights in which countries this year is here. If there are streams in your country, they will likely be through the broadcaster’s iOS app. FIFA has a full match schedule on its website here.

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13 Responses to “Watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup on your iPhone or iPad”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Good for soccer enthusiasts on the go!


  2. Tice (@Tice) says:

    … on an iPhone … : ( How sad is that? : (


  3. grnbills says:

    Nice,I wonder if the quality will differ depending on the type of apple device you have. I’m thinking about upgrading for the world cup and get an iPad Air and iPhone 5s. Thinking about selling my device and I usually search 12-13 different sites to find the best offer, but I just found this company that compares all the buyback companies in one spot. it’s called RecomHub.

    It’s like Kayak but for Apple Devices that show you all the offers in one spot.


  4. Dion Factor says:

    Hey guys just a correction, all games can be streamed live in Australia via the SBS world Cup app.


  5. Kevin Noah says:

    For German Users: and
    Those two state channels devided the games among themselves. So which one you use, depends on which game you want to see.


  6. A.s. Rinku says:

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  7. A.s. Rinku says:

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