Last night we noted a report from a Taiwanese news outlet which claimed in part that Apple would be putting the next-generation iPhone into production in July. Now, Bloomberg has confirmed that the company will indeed be starting production on two different models of the upcoming smartphone next month.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be available in two sizes: one with a 4.7-inch display and a larger 5.5-inch design. Both are larger than the current iPhone 5s which features a 4-inch display. iOS 8 has introduced useful changes for developers that seem to indicate a larger screen is coming (possibly with a resolution of 1704 x 960), and leaked dummies and parts have given us an idea of what the phone will look like when it officially launches. Both models will reportedly sport curved glass and rounded edges…

Last night’s report stated that at least one iPhone model would be debuted in the fall, likely around September, but that the larger model could follow after several months. With today’s Bloomberg report, it seems safe to say that both phones will be shown off at the same time. However, Bloomberg notes that production difficulty with the 5.5-inch design may cause initial supply to be below demand.

iPhone manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron have gone on a hiring spree lately in a rush to build up their workforces in anticipation of the device entering the production stage.

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45 Responses to “Bloomberg: Two iPhone 6 models will go into mass production in July, will go on sale at the same time”

  1. rettun1 says:

    Curved glass? That means either this report is wrong or the ‘leaked schematics’ that all these dummy units have been based on were wrong. The uncertainty is refreshing…

    But we will know in July, when ACTUAL parts of the phones fresh off the assembly line are leaked

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Yep, only believe HALF of what the people who don’t know anything say. 😛

    • Brad Burke says:

      Exactly rettun! No parts leaks, no credibility.

    • No no no no no no! Sorry I have to be a smartass but with curved glass they mean that the edges of the glass will be slightly bent instead of glass with corners, if you look closely on all of the leaked parts and dummies you can see that the edgs of the glass panel is slightly bold and curved. Just like on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3. I personally don’t like it but alright…

  2. herb02135go says:

    Rounded edges? Didn’t Samsung patent those?

  3. It is strange that the leaked parts and dummies seem to have only one flash light.
    I dont see any reason for Apple to abandon the previous dual flash

  4. I don’t see how this development can be interpreted any other way than Apple not having any idea what the “proper” size for an iPhone is, and instead just basing the decision on rank popularity. In other words, bad news and a complete reversal of how they have previously designed their products.

    • I don’t think that “proper” size thing really holds up when there are options. I mean what is the proper size for a laptop? 11″, 13″, or 15″? What Ticks me off is that it seems like they are removing the only options I’m interested in.

      • Whether you like it or not, this is how good design is done though. The size of an object/device is one aspect of the design. It’s a certain size for particular reasons, because design is all about reasons and intention. Design is about “heuristics” (the original meaning of the word, not the computer programming definition).

        If we want to be positive and generous here, we could say that maybe they are moving to offering multiple sizes of the iPhone each year from now on and this year is all about finding out which sizes are more popular. In other words it could be viewed as a design “experiment” of sorts, but that’s still kind of lame.

        It still translates to Apple saying “We don’t know what the right size is, let’s just throw out a bunch of different sizes and see what happens.”

      • Sorry Mr. Grey. I’m with Greg here. The laptop analogy is an apt one. While Apple is only now deciding to spread out it’s product range with the iPhone, Apple has consistently offered all it’s other Macs in multiple screen sizes. And more recently the iPad. If anything, it’s the iPhone that’s been the anomaly.

        Even if the two iPhones come with identical processor and camera specs, different sizes represent different compromises for users- most notably price, screen-size, and weight. Each person is also going to choose a phone based on what other devices they have. As someone who has an iPad mini, I’m probably going to be more inclined to get the smaller 4.7″ phone, since my needs for a smaller reading device are already being met. But someone who has no tablet may decide to merge the two, save some money, and get a larger phone.

      • There is no “right” size – the nearest you will get to that ideal is to make what the market currently demands; and thus make the most profit – which is, after all, the aim of any manufacturer.

    • Oflife says:

      Proper size for perfect feel in the hand (taking OS impartial view) is the Moto X. Very comfortable to hold and operate. Same with the original iPhone 2G and recent 5c. I had a Note 3 and although it was immensely powerful and the stylus implementation great, it was a nuisance to have to use two hands to do everything, so I got rid of it and got a Moto X and Note 10.1 2014 which I use for design work. Will go back to iOS when Apple launch a comfy high end phone that doesn’t require a case.

    • Jack Gnasty says:

      Sounds like you are holding on to an old Jobs stage quote about the thumb and holding the phone in one hand blah blah blah… Jobs was a pitch man and he’d tell you anything to sell a product. Regardless of whether he believed his own story, that size and form factor of the original iPhone was influenced more by battery life than anything else. Keep the screen small and save battery power. Technology has grown a wee bit since then and we have reached a point where the cost of screens are much lower, and the battery performance exceeds the proportional increase in screen size. The perfect size of own’s own phone is dictated by ergonomics and usage. And it’s completely personal. You sound like a guy with tiny hands, so maybe a smaller phone is better for you. Me, I can palm a basketball no problem, I have big hands and I like bigger phones. That 5.5 sounds great to me. Photo editing will look great on a bigger screen too.

    • you think the company who has $150+ billion in cash, just decided on screen sizes without doing any sort of research?

      you cannot think critically…

  5. Bleh. The hell. not everyone wants this. There are people who do, people who don’t care, and people who actually just want a small phone. I guess they first two groups far outweigh the latter : [

    • craigkocher says:

      I’m sure they’ll leave the 5S available that still wants that size. Personally, 5.5 is too big. It so t fit in my pocket, so 4.7 it is.

    • Small phones are for kids and oldsters, and are seen as “cheap” phones and “simple” phones – “smart” phones are BIG !

      • My mom, dad, aunt, and uncle all wanted a larger iPhones because their eyes are failing them. So my perception of a larger phone is that it’s for old people. Little kids have poor hand eye coordination and could use some extra room for error.

        I know a bunch of people who want a larger phone my age and I also know a bunch that don’t.

      • Greg Kaplan. Kids also cant hold a big phone with one hand, so I think they would prefer a 4″ phone (which is perfect for a kids hand).

    • Jack Gnasty says:

      Don’t take this as gospel… Keep in mind that the iPhone, selling more than any other phone in the world, did so at 4″. Apple has never caved to crybaby half wit journos, they aren’t about to now. I would expect the 4″, 4.7″, and the 5.5″ to all live happily together. There are 2 iPad sizes, and a rumored 3rd “pro” size coming. Why not 3 sizes for the iPhone.

      There are two big changes at play. Batteries can now outperform the screen size, they grow at a much smaller proportion to increases in screen size. The second, Apple is finally operating like a synergized company and they are able to develop product much more rapidly. This is the result of Tim Cook’s reorganization, no more silos and independent development.

      • J.latham says:

        Either way, no offense but I think you are the minority in the sense of hand sizes. 4.7, I get, makes sense. For people with larger hands 4.7 is a good size. For people with smaller hands 4-4.2 inch is a great size as well. 5.5 is not a good all around size. People will buy it because here in the states, bigger is better rules the thought process for consumers. But from a ux stand point it’s not. Plain and simple. There is a very limited amount of people where this will offer a good one handed experience to. It’s simply a game of “me too” which has never been Apples game so far but it looks like that’s changing.

      • Jack Gnasty says:

        j.Iatham – I have no personal interest in the 5.5 either, completely agree. But as you said, there are folks who do. And they have very legitimate reasons. Bigger screens are indeed better for games, watching video, and certainly for those with poor eye sight. Some of us like the one-handed experience as you put it. Others have different priorities. There’s also commercial and business cases… So it’s nice to have the option to buy what we need.

  6. I was just looking over the 5S and considering when I would be eligible for an upgrade from my carrier. It will be March of next year or so. It seems kind of soon for yet another round of phones given that the last ones only came out last year. I would expect Apple to roll these out in mid-2015.

    • Jack Gnasty says:

      Seriously? I love these types of comments. They’re like a portal into someone’s mind…

      I think what you meant to say is “I personally do not need to purchase a new phone.” Surely you couldn’t suggest Apple hold up progress, until you are ready to buy…

  7. xprmntr says:

    I wish they’d make an iphone with the screen of the pre 5 models but with the 5s thinness and updated specs, or some kind of “mini” model

  8. They are NOT getting rid of the current sized iPhone. We will have 3 sizes. I for one will take the largest one they make so I can sell my iPad mini and stop carrying two devices.

  9. confluxnz says:

    If this is true, I find it sad that Apple will further bifurcate their iPhone lineup. Steve Jobs’ ethos was always to simplify the product offering and tell the customer what they needed – not give them a choice… It would appear Apple are diverting from that ethos when it comes to their most important product.

    • Personally you are living in the 2007-2010 bubble of Apple’s philosophy. Technology and consumer needs have changed for the better. Bigger is always better. Variety is the spice of life. Without that you are same and plain bagel.

    • Jack Gnasty says:

      And Steve Jobs was also dead set against outside developer apps being on the phone… He wasn’t always right.

      If they still make a size that works for you, what does it matter if they make a different size for someone else?

  10. I hope the 5.5 comes out at the same time as I’ll be going for that, can’t see the curved glass thing though, why doesn’t this report point out that it would go against everything we were so sure on prior to this?

  11. J.latham says:

    Personally, I do get the <5" phones. I feel like they would be impossible to use with one hand. I use my phone a lot in the car, walking, social setting where I don't want to have to make my phone the object of my attention. 4.7 seems like it may be okay but with the bezel leaks, even that looks like it will be monstrous.

  12. hopefully not with this tacky design

    (whatever appears above in dark pink – I never liked this design, no matter how this area was colorised)

  13. I’ve been thinking about the ugly back issue a bit.

    I believe that the thick “antenna lines” are there to show the case manufacturers where they cannot place any metal in a case design in order that the case does not cause signal loss. This is similar to the current 5s design where they hide the antennas in those areas. The “curved glass” may be referring to two pieces of glass on the top and bottom of the back of the phone. With the newly curved design, these top and bottom glass sections will need to be curved to match the shape of the back and inset to make them flush. In the end, I suspect the final iPhone 6 will look much like a rounded version of the current 5s design.

    I’ve made a rough mockup of what this may look like. Take a looksy:

    • J.latham says:

      I get where you’re going at with that design but I really didn’t like the 5 and 5s but decided to stick with iOS. If they just make a rounded iPhone 5/5s with a bigger screen this time around, I’m out. I loved the 5c and if it weren’t for the camera not getting an upgrade, thats probably where I would go when my upgrade comes up. Nexus 5 is looking better and better.

  14. I’d like to see some surprises at the iPhone 6 event.

  15. Still not liking the design of these “leaks”. It looks bland, really bland. The two tone look on my 5s is great and it gives it some character. I also really really like the size of the 5s, hopefully the 4.7″ iPhone has super slim bezels so I don’t have to use it with two hands or stretch with one.

    My LG G2 should be here in a day or so though. So I’ll get another feel for a big device and who knows, it may sway me to get the 5.5″ iPhone. It’s just when I first went back to the iPhone it was awesome using that small screen and not having that option for a flagship phone might suck.