iOS 8 beta 4 brings a new app to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch called Tips. The application, as the name implies, provides quick tips and tutorials about iOS features. The app will be updated on a regular basis with new ways to use iOS device features. Apple has also launched a Tips website (in beta) so these tutorials can be accessed from a Mac web browser. You can find a full gallery of the current implementation of Tips, below:

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18 Responses to “iOS 8 beta 4 includes new Tips app with quick feature tutorials (Gallery)”

  1. aiflcblog says:

    you are such a great photographer,. nice to see your image s


  2. few magazines app (the week, zinio, etc) are now working again in beta 4!


  3. Eyal Yeruham says:

    You still need the device to be connected to power for the ‘Hey Siri’ function to work? Is this going to be fixed with the final version?


    • It’s not a bug, I think its intentional. Until theres some kind of low power way for the microphone to be listening all the time, you’ll need to be plugged in to use Hey Siri.


      • rettun1 says:

        Enter iPhone 6, with the all new power sipping A8 chip


      • Eyal Yeruham says:

        So.. how does LG do it then? I’m sure Apple could do it if they wanted to.


      • bwulfe says:

        Apple stated in the Developer Conference Keynote that this feature was primarily aimed as an enhancement to their in-car iOS integration & Safety design. The idea is that you do not need to fumble for your phone & home button while driving; rather, you just say “hey Siri”. It was never intended to work outside of that environment. Regardless; if you really can’t activate the home button, there is a simple work-around. Just purchase any compatible Battery Case & put your phone into it. Power the iPhone off of the battery pack and it won’t know the difference. (Please no griping about “I don’t want to have to buy or use a Battery Case”; I’m providing information about how to make a feature work, in an environment that it was not intended to work in,, nothing more.)


    • No, because this is the way Tim Cook wants it.


      • No, because the microphone needs to be constantly running for this feature to work, which drains power pretty fast. Hence, needing to be plugged in, where power draw isn’t a concern. Use your brain, it doesn’t require much thought to understand why this is implemented this way.

        Now on the iPhone 6, it seems likely the M7 chip could be expanded to include the microphone as well. But for now on current hardware, this is how it needs to be, without enraging the entire user base by reducing their battery life in half.


      • Thank you Yes. Some people think, some don’t. Then again some aren’t intelligent enough for basic logical reasoning.


    • ron837192 says:

      Besides the power issue, I’ve wondered how they would solve the “owner detection” issue with an always listening Siri. As far as I know, iOS cannot recognize the owner of a voice. If it was always on, I can imagine a group of friends together, and when one gives a command using “Hey Siri” 4 different phones respond. I can also imagine my daughters having fun shouting commands at my iPhone.


    • Was going to say ‘hey Siri’ was made for Carplay as a safety feature and not meant to be a constant on way to use Siri out of the car, but I got beat to the punch.

      Carplay for now requires the device to be plugged in to work and hence why ‘hey Siri’ on,y works while the device is charging.


    • chuygb says:

      There is a Qualcom chip that is able to listen to the microphone and do some voice recognition (local), using very little power draw, Apple needs all the phone operating, CPU, audio chip, wifi/internet connection. Probably the Qualcom chip is low energy until it finds it needs to do some heavy lifting, but that is enough to be low power until needed


  4. Okay.. So one more stock application that can’t be removed??


  5. That was really a quick release for beta 4 so main reason must have been a major bug fix. Hopefully this will solve the issue of calls repeatedly getting dropped during the call even in areas with strong LTE coverage.