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Apple today released iOS 8 beta 4 to developers. It is now available via Software Update in Settings for those running earlier betas of iOS 8 on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new update likely brings further design enhancements and bug fixes. iOS 8 comes out this fall and adds new features like health tracking, improved messaging, more efficient email management, and bolstered photo editing. We’ll be updating this post (below) as we discover new changes, and you can send us what you find to


– New Settings Menu for Display, Text Size, and Bold text

IMG_0212 copy– New HomeKit icon for data privacy

IMG_0213 copy

– New options for Messages history

– Animation is slightly slower when moving in and out of multitasking


– Control Center completely redesigned

– Bug Reporter application has been removed.


– New option to disable Lock screen app suggestions

– New Tips app: full post and galley on that here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.59.12 AM

– Tweaked Emoji icon in Messages


– Minor tweaks to Multitasking mode’s frequent contacts section

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.13.55 AM

– Update Home and Lock screen icon in Battery Usage preferences

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.41.17 AM

– Health app splits calories into Dietary Calories, Active Calories, and Resting Calories


– You can now disable showing Multitasking view’s Recent Contacts via Mail, Contacts, and Calendars settings

– Improved settings for gestures in Mail

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 3.35.49 PM

– EU Roaming option for Cellular Data in Europe

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53 Responses to “Apple seeds iOS 8 beta 4 to developers with redesigned Control Center, Health improvements, more”

  1. yosemeti update out too


  2. Tootia Andi says:

    300MB… yet it requires 3GB to do OTA. :-/


    • michabailey says:

      My theory/assumption/guess about this:
      The update isn’t applied as a hotfix, rather, the currently installed system is copied, the patch applied, and then the patched copy switched to or installed. So it needs more than the space for the download — it also needs several GB of space as a staging area, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. control center is white, new screen brightness and text size in settings


  4. I really hope that Wifi Calling is available for iPhone 4S.


  5. Settings > General > Spotlight Search > Bing Web Results

    Is that new for beta 4?


  6. there is a new iOS 8 tips app pre installed its kinda cool :)


  7. New Emoji Icon on keyboard


  8. Control center has a very noticeably different design


  9. Ry L says:

    I really like that new Control Center look


  10. rogifan says:

    I like the new control center, but I wouldn’t call it completely redesigned.


  11. What About Speed Comparing with the Beta 3 ?


  12. PMZanetti says:

    Word of warning: Restoring from iCloud Backup caused and unrecoverable boot loop. Gonna try again, but may end up with a regular clean install if it fails this badly again.


  13. new forward icon in mail as well


  14. Zack Simpson says:

    Quick Reply for Messages is practically broken. It won’t let me access any punctuation or emojis. When I try to tap these keyboard buttons, it registers as a caps press. In other words, all my quick replies are now boring run-on sentences. You also cannot disable QuickType (now relabeled as “Predictive”) from the keyboard anymore. The option is still there, but pressing it does nothing.


  15. How many Beta are supposed to there ..?


    • bwulfe says:

      As many as Apple feels it needs. Beta’s are TEST and pre-release DEVELOPMENT tools. Aside from adding in new components as they are completed; Apple works on eliminating bugs, as they are reported in by developers (and soon public beta test subjects…) If everything is solid and there are not any new feature release to add; then there is no reason to release an updated Beta. Historically (at least for last few years) Apple has released a new Beta about once every other week at first. This may slow as the code is locked down in preparation for the Developer GM (Gold Master) and eventual full public release.


  16. Arnaud Ober says:

    Is emoji keyboard enabled by default? Because in iOS 7, we just have language keyboard by default…


  17. Zoheb Khan says:

    Create medical ID In contacts !
    don’t know if it was there in earlier betas !


  18. handoff no longer working on iPhone 4S. not even settings are available


  19. telefonai says:

    For user from europe. There is additional setup for cellular data. Now is possible to turn on international data only for EU internet :)


  20. Swipe options for mail in mail setting


  21. show in app switcher under contacts setting


  22. jbeck22 says:

    anyone else seeing the reboot loop after upgrading from BETA 3 to BETA 4 OTA (iPhone 5s)?


  23. rettun1 says:

    The icon for Display and Brightness is new, and if you asked me, it doesn’t look like any current iPhone. Looks like the device in the icon has room for TWO more rows of icons….

    Confirmed iPhone 6 feature: extra row of icons


  24. can’t seem to access 9to5 on iPhone 5 with this beta LOL


  25. Hello guys, ios 8 beta 4 has arrived! I would suggest you to register the udid ( if you didn’t do it until now) on this website ( its number 2 on google!) , its fast & cheap , only 4.99$ !


  26. acslater017 says:

    I suppose the new Control Center looks cleaner, but I hope it doesn’t suffer from Shift Key Syndrome where a depressed button state is indicated by gray vs different gray.


  27. benmorrow2 says:

    Is the favortite, “heart” icon, new in Photos?


  28. Not sure what you’re referring to as “minor tweaks” in the frequent contacts section in multitasking mode, but it actually works now as far as showing contact pictures…prior to this release it would only show one contact’s photo and the rest as their initials.


  29. Lucia Lopez says:

    iOS 8 beta 4 bluetooth not working on the iPhone 5s


  30. Linh Tran says:

    After I installed Beta 4 on my iPhone 5, iTunes 11.3 (Windows) doesn’t recognise the phone. Is Beta 4 only recognisable on iTunes 12 (Mac only) now? Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?


  31. new icon for home and lockscreen under settings–>general–>usage–>batter usage (previously on Beta 1, 2 and 3 it was just a placeholder icon)