Continuing today’s celebration of Beats officially becoming an Apple subsidiary, Beats’ official Twitter account has posted a fun video advertisement that uses Siri and the Beats Pill to promote the deal. The video pokes fun at a private Dr. Dre party, and perhaps this is some joke tied to Dre spilling the beans about the Apple deal in the weeks before the official announcement in May. The end of the video also appears to poke fun at Siri not always working properly.

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17 Responses to “Apple & Beats use Siri and Pills to promote Dr. Dre’s celebratory party in new video ad”

  1. rogifan says:

    Sorry, I don’t get this ad.


  2. could this hint that beats will now have siri in its devices?


  3. Seems very odd…almost like those Surface commercials that Microsoft runs making fun of Siri.


  4. vmax says:

    This is so bad….


  5. lol that was cute… stop expecting so much its just someone having fun… who hasn’t heard “sorry i didn’t get that from siri”


  6. I think, from an ad stand point, this is a fail. Its promoting the fact that Siri “didn’t get that”. I would think you’d want your virtual assistant to show off that she “does get it”.


  7. derekaw says:

    I loved it and I loved that they poke fun of Siri.


  8. This is not an ad. It’s not airing on TV. It’s a bit of self-congratulatory poking fun, and nothing more.


    • Exactly this. This isn’t a commercial on tv at all. It’s merely something fun to post on the internet. Also, when Siri says, “I didn’t get that” it’s not her misunderstanding; it’s her choosing to ignore the pills guy.


  9. figshta says:

    Sometimes Siri can be a pill!


  10. lkernan says:

    I think the point was that Siri was pretending to ignore any more questions about the party, not failing to work properly.


  11. dvinder42 says:

    wow. what a fail.


  12. RP says:

    Tone deaf ad. Its like, Dre is black, why not have the characters speak like they are from the hood…


  13. is it just me or is this the most racial commercial ever from apple, SIRI is clearlu not understanding the red pills orders. LOL